The Duine Framework

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The Duine Framework allows one to develop prediction engines for recommender systems. It contains a set of prediction techniques, a way to combine these techniques and a profile manager. The framework has a plug-in architecture, allowing customization.



Related Projects

Duinos - FreeRTOS based real time operating system for Arduino compatible boards

DuinOS is a small multithreading real time operating system (RTOS), based on the FreeRTOS kernel, for Arduino compatible boards. It's installed as an Arduino core, and currently supports the following AVR processors: ATmega168 ATMega328 ATMega644 ATMega1280 ATMega1284 It's developed at RG.Labs as part of the Multiplo project. There has been contributions from: Robert Sanders ( Michael Grigorev ( Useful links

Curve25519-java - Java port of Matthijs van Duin's implementation of Daniel J Bernstein's Cu

This is a straightforward port of 'portable C implementation' of Curve25519 by Matthijs van Duin ( Curve25519 was developed by Daniel J Bernstein,

0w-experimental-arduino-core - Experimental Arduino core compiled with 0-warnings

This project started when we compiled the Arduino-0019 core with CodeBlocks at RG.Labs, in order to integrate it with the next version of DuinOS. Because the compile process showed 42 warnings, we worked on the core to get a 0-warnings compilation. This core is experimental, and it needs testing. It was compiled with Code::Blocks and WinAVR-20090313.. Every change made to the original files was marked with "begin" and "end" comments, and the original lines were commented too, for example: //##RG

Meshphone - Wireless Mesh Networking for Personal Communications

Meshphone - Wireless Mesh Networking for Personal Communications is a project funded by PSU Innovation Program. PROTOTYPE IICORTEX-M3 LPC1769 Hardware v2.0 :LPC1769 xpresso RFm22B radio module 4x3 matrix keypad 3310 nokia LCD LPC-Link Debugger FTDI USB/UART Power module with charging enabled & poli battery Note: This version makes uses of Arduino's libraries (from previous prototype) by redefined some of its core routines:

Vrliu - engineering drawing vectorization, graphics recognition, and performance evaluation

This is the extended version on PC (MS Windows) of the previous Machine Drawing Understanding System (MDUS) developed by Dr. Liu Wenyin ( as part of his PhD thesis using the methods published in the following papers. You may select appropriate papers to cite if you wish to use our code. Liu Wenyin and D. Dori, “Object-Process Based Graphics Recognition Class Library: Principles and Applications�, Software: Practice and Experience. Vol. 29, No. 15, pp. 1355-1378, 19

DuinOS - My Git mirror of the DuinOS port of FreeRTOS to the Arduino AVR Platform

My Git mirror of the DuinOS port of FreeRTOS to the Arduino AVR Platform

DuinOS_teensy - DuinOS for the Teensy / Teensy++ Arduino-like boards from

DuinOS for the Teensy / Teensy++ Arduino-like boards from


Adaptação da biblioteca DHT11 disponivel no Arduino Playground para funcionar em meus projetos, com foco no DuinOS

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