DttSP Software Defined Radio

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DttSP is the software part of a Software Defined Radio. It contains a general-purpose DSP core for receive and transmit, and much additional code to provide a full application. The initial hardware platform is the FlexRadio SDR-1000.




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Sdr-shell - GUI for DttSP sdr-core

SDR-Shell is a graphical user interface for sdr-core (DttSP), a Software Defined Radio. It is developed under Ubuntu Linux, but should work on other flavors of Linux and Unix operating systems. Project Home Page: http://ewpereira.info/sdr-shell Instructions on how to compile and install are available on the Wiki. Please post questions and comments to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dttsp-linux 73, -- Edson, pu1jte, n1vtn, jf1afn, pu2mwd

Acorn-sdr - A distributed framework for building software radios.

Project DocumentationFor the project documentation please see http://www.g3ukb.co.uk. ReleasesVersion 0.7This is probably the first usable release. The main additions are the graphic displays. Quite a lot of fixing has also gone on, particularly in the area of sub-receivers which was pretty broken. The next release should bring acorn up to 'basic' feature complete as the TX paths will be added. There is a lot of fleshing out to do after that but it should be usable on-air with HPSDR within the n

java-sdr - Frontend for SDR (DttSP)

Frontend for SDR (DttSP)