Linux Driver Tracing Interface

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The Linux Driver Tracing Interface provides a per-cpu flight-recorder tracing facility to the Linux kernel. It can be used as a low-overhead mechanism for tracing kernel code in a production environment as well as for kernel debugging during development



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Colrecsys - Collection Record System

Collection Record System is a PyGTK program specially designed for DTI.


DTI-TK contains two features: a spatial normalization and atlas construction toolkit optimized for examining white matter morphometry using DTI data and a white matter tract-specific analysis pipeline.

Agate Rule Tester

A self-contained rule development and testing environment for agate translations for DTI's WireSpeed system.


The purpose of the project is to develop a quantitative medical imaging amp; visualization program for use on brain MR, DTI and MRS data. It is a joint project of the Kennedy Krieger Institute amp; the Johns Hopkins University, Psychiatric Neuroimaging Lab

Dptools - Plugin for Osirix to work wtih diffusion, DTI, perfusion and tracktography

Plugin for Osirix to work wtih diffusion, DTI, perfusion and tracktography

Fibernavigator - tool for visualization of dti and mri data

This project is dedicated to the development of fast and versatile visualization of results of deterministic tractography, including effective selection of fibres, to the effective visualization of probabilistic tractograms, including surface texturing, and to the integration of fibre visualization with the display of MRI, functional MRI and EEG/MEG source localization results. News - 2012-05-03A major branch has been merged to the trunk today. This branch implements a refactoring of the core of

Cs6300-winterbreak - CS6300 Project 5 - Team "Winter Break"

Information retrieval is a traditional application for computers that has become even more prominent with the advent of the World Wide Web. The process of retrieving content from a text corpus (collection of text files) is normally managed by analyzing the text files to produce an index, and then having a separate query engine that uses the index to retrieve the desired text from its source files. For Project 5, queries will retrieve documents instead of lines. Hence, the structure of the index


Implantación de ITIL en el DTI de la Universidad Cátolica Andrés Bello.

Rabid-raccoon - DTI/RABID Querying system

DTI (Document-Term Indexer) and RABID (Retrieve And Browse Indexed Documents) enable the retrieval of documents from a corpus.