XML C++ binding generator

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C++ classes are generated from an XML DTD to load and represent data structures from an XML document conforming to the supplied DTD.




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Validateur XML simple (sans DTD) en ligne de commande . Dans le cadre du master 1 recherche a l'universite de montpellier 2 (TER d'Analyse Syntaxique), il nous est demandé de créer un validateur xml a partir des outils flex et bison ( gnu ) . Flex et Bison sont disponibles pour windows et linux . Ils permettent de générer un code source C ou C++ a partir d'expréssions régulières . Ensuite on utilise Dev-Cpp pour traiter le code C ou C++ généré (édition de lien et compilation) . Le val

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XMLCCXMLCC is a C++ library for handling XML using Design Patterns especially the Composite Pattern. AboutXMLCC allows for generating XML structures using a hierarchical object-oriented model that can be written to an XML file easily. Parsing is available by several parsers; a DOM like parser building the complete object-oriented model that can be searched for XML tags afterwards, or a SAX like parser that can by specialized to an XML structure by implementing an API. Both parsers are char by ch

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TinyXML TinyXML is a simple, small, C++ XML parser that can be easily integrated into other programs. What it does. \t In brief, TinyXML parses an XML document, and builds from that a Document Object Model (DOM) that can be read, modified, and saved. XML stands for "eXtensible Markup Language." It allows you to create your own document markups. Where HTML does a very good job of marking documents for browsers, XML allows you to define any kind of document markup, for example a document that desc