Desktop contacts

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desktop-contacts was a smal attempt to evaluate the SF service. The code id not updated for two years.



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Play card magic on your Android phone! Card magic is an app that lets you play simple card magic. Turn a King of hearts to a King of clubs simply by covering the screen of your Android phone. It takes advantage of the proximity sensor, which detects the presence of nearby objects without any physical contact. Enjoy! Demo Video

Dynamicupdate - A DDNS update client with plugin interface for ease of expansion to support multiple

Update: 2012/04/09 - If you would like Subversion access, it is currently being hosted elsewhere. Please contact the project administrator if you would like access DynamicUpdate is a tray application for Windows written in C#/.NET4. Upon WAN IP change, it automatically handles the update of DDNS records with the DDNS provider of your choice, depending on the plugins you have loaded and the settings you have chosen for the application and loaded plugins. The software makes use of a simple to use

Chipmunk-spacemanager - Objective-C wrapper for chipmunk with Cocos2d-iphone helper objects

Chipmunk SpaceManagerSpaceManager was designed specifically to target chipmunk for use on the iphone in conjunction with cocos2d-iphone. It should be known that SpaceManager can run independently of cocos2d. Also packaged are Cocos2d specific "helper" objects for handling the drawing of shapes, constraints, and sprites (AtlasSprites too) and the connection they have with their chipmunk counterparts. General FeaturesSimplified Objective-C interface to Chipmunk Separation between Active and Static

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Are you into Natural Language Processing? Text Mining? Developing Software for Information Extraction?If so, take a deep breath, lean back and imagine. Imagine a search-engine you can use to query the web as though it were your personal structured database. Imagine verifying the facts of any article, CV or paper, by the time you finish reading it. Imagine browsing the web at 1,000 pages per second extracting valuable information as you whiz along. That’s the kind of imagining I’ve been doing


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