Dstar space wars game

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A 1986 classic returns. Originally written for Sun workstations, dstar is a simple 3-d multiplayer first-person-shooter space wars game that runs over the local network. Now, it's been ported to OpenGL/Linux.




Related Projects


ircDDB gateway is an Open Source G2 gateway for the ircDDB Dstar routing network

Dstarlite - D* Lite search

Dstar Lite is a C++ implementation of the D Lite algorithm as explained in [Koenig, 2002]. This is the non-optimized version as explained in Figure 5 of the paper. There are a few minor modifications to this code to improve computation time and path distance. This is a very simple piece of software and should take very little time to understand and integrate.


A clone of the TI-8x calculator game D-Star for the GNOME desktop


DSTAR SWITCH is an open collaborated project for creating base libraries and applications to allow the passing of information from the host computer to the D-STAR radio and vice versa.

Ddp - A protocol designed as a alternative to packet radio using fldigi, RS-232, or D-STAR DV

Danny's Digital PacketA protocol designed to be used as alternative to packet radio which interfaces with fldigi, RS-232, or D-STAR DV to provide the backend. Packets are sent and received in plain text so they can be seen by eye (on the waterfall, console, etc) and also for ease of use and implementation. Designed to work with ANY transceiver that can be interfaced to your computer using fldigi, RS-232, or using any compatible D-STAR DV rig. Developed by Danny Knaggs 2E0DPK/M6DPK. Status: Beta

D-stardevelopment - Open Source Software and Hardware Projects for D-STAR

D-STAR DevelopmentOpen Source Software and Hardware for Digital Smart Technology for Amateur RadioThis project is to develop community software and hardware for D-STAR (Digital Smart Technology for Amateur Radio) We are looking for volunteers to design and build a series of D-STAR related software and hardware projects for use by Amateur Radio Operators around the world.

D-hud - D-Star HUD for D-Plus

Provides a HUD display for a D-Star repeaters usage, including top talkers, graphs of usage, and much much more

Xstar - A communications protocol for amateur radio inspired by D-Star

An implementation of a digital communications protocol inspired by JARL's D-Star. D-Star is a communications protocol for digital data transfer, messaging and and voice communications. Except for the voice protocol, which is based on the proprietary AMBE protocol, all elements of the protocol is open. X-star attempts to replicate all of D-star, except the voice protocol, but instead use the free XXX codec. The code in this project use the Universal Software Radio Periphial (USRP) and GNU radio f

D-star - Pathfinding for Flash

Starting with A, maybe add others

voice-ann - D-STAR voice-announcement system

D-STAR voice-announcement system