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DSSI is an audio plugin API for software instruments (soft synths) and effects. It is based on the LADSPA plugin API, the ALSA sequencer event types, and OSC (Open Sound Control) communications with custom GUIs.




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Related Projects


FeSTige is a GUI for fst and dssi-vst, allowing you to run Windows VST plugins on Linux

Dssi-jst - A DSSI wrapper for JST

This project is a part of the JST project (JST = JavaScript Studio Tool), and attempts to make JST more accessible with a DSSI wrapper called dssi-jst.


Sixport is the C# port of the hexter DSSI software synthesizer plugin created by Sean Bolton and others. hexter is an open source emulation of the legendary Yamaha DX7 synthesizer. Changes done: OOP structure, algorithm specific rendering, LADSPA removal, speed improvements.

Nuclear-sdk - The Nuclear SDK for Project Nuclear

Project Nuclear seeks to create a set of high quality samplers, synthesizers and effects on the GNU/Linux platform and facilitate tools for their development. The Nuclear SDK will be in the form of header-only libraries, similar to Boost, with no need for their own compilation. Just include them in your code and take advantage of the functions they offer.

Jivemodular - A modular electronic music jamming environment, plugin host, and sequencer

WhyA fork of the amazing work done in the Juced (aka Jucetice) and Juce projects. Forked initially so the current amazing work in the Jost host (renamed "Jive" for this project) and various plugins can be documented and promoted. DownloadsDownload the zip on the left and copy the contained bundle to your Applications folder. Here's a hastily knocked up audio example of Jive in action. FeaturesModular plugin host supporting VST and ladspa plugins. Basic analogue-style synthesiser VST plugin inclu

ocaml-dssi - OCaml bindings for dssi plugins.

OCaml bindings for dssi plugins.

ghostess - A lightweight GTK+ host for DSSI plugins

A lightweight GTK+ host for DSSI plugins

whysynth - Versatile multi-mode DSSI softsynth.

Versatile multi-mode DSSI softsynth.

dssi-vst - DSSI adapter to run Windows VST plugins

DSSI adapter to run Windows VST plugins

sfxr-dssi - A DSSI port of the famous sound effect generator.

A DSSI port of the famous sound effect generator.

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