Design-Side Includes (DSI)

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Design-Side Includes (DSI) is a command-line utility for inserting common sections of HTML code into multiple web pages at design-time. Use DSI to reuse web content while still realizing the operational benefits of deploying static web pages.



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Ourleague - OurLeague - Progetto di LAB ING SW -

Gestionale per la gestione di un campionato di calcio con regole ad hoc.

DSI / DigSig: linux kernel security++

- DSI is a security framework addressing security needs of carrier-grade Linux clusters. - DigSig is a linux kernel module checking RSA signatures of ELF executables at run-time. **Those projects are no longer maintained**

opalORB - A Perl ORB

opalORB (a Perl ORB) is an implementation of the OMG CORBA ORB standard and follows the CORBA/e Micro Profile plus DSI/DII. This Perl ORB is written completely in Perl and does not require a C compiler, but contains interoperability tests in C++ amp; Java.

Iarddsi - suivi du projet d'amélioration dsi iard

suivi du projet d'amélioration dsi iard

Resin-container - Resin container for DSI FS

IntroductionThis project is used to build, package and manage Resin within the DSI platform. Status

Facisadsi20091 - FACISA - DSI 2009.1

Projeto da disciplina de DSI do curso de Sistemas de Informação da FACISA - Campina Grande-PB

DSI Sound Station

Broadcast software for everything related to audio and station-management. For all-size broadcast radio- and TV-stations who want: Hard-disk audio recording, on-line newsroom, disc/media cataloguer, salesman utils (like contracts, invoices, etc).

Greenit - Thèse profesionnelle sur le green it

Cette thèse a pour but d'étudier les impacts et les apports d'une politique de green it au sein de la DSI.