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DS4J is a directory service/server for managing identity information, acting also as a metadirectory to synchronize different sources like ADS or Lotus Domino. Implemented as a JBoss compatible service it supports directory-protocols like LDAP and SASL.




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Sample-flex-spring-blazeds-project - Sample Project in eclipse for Flex-spring integration using

Uses Spring 2.5 Flex 4.5 BlazeDS Jar Just download project unzip it and open "TestFlex" folder as work space in eclipse .

Fotodb - A dynamic web application for hosting, sharing, viewing digital photos.

• Creating albums, registering users, posting comments. • Database maintained images, dynamic upload and deletion of albums, images, users and comments. • Hibernate for generic database, so can be extended to MySQL or PostgreSQL or DB2. • Struts as framework, MVC framework and an industrial standard. • RIA frontend as flex and spring hibernate backend with BlazeDS.To do

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I just told you! Why Are You Reading This? , I dont Know What Its Going To Be , Thats Why Its Called an Experiment!! Jees , People Now'adays

Smashedapples - Smashed Apples Development Platform

The Smashed Apples Development Platform is an Open Source Development Stack directed towards building SaaS Adobe Flex applications off of cloud services like Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine .Explorer Demo Application Be sure to read the Check Out Guide to see any caveats on checking code out. To get started quickly follow the Quick Start Guide. Project DependenciesAmazon EC2 Configuration Adobe BlazeDS Smashed Apples Flex SDK Flex SDK flexlib Java Api Java Library for Amazon SimpleDB J

Morphia - A type-safe java library for MongoDB

Morphia is a lightweight type-safe library for mapping Java objects to/from MongoDB: Easy to use, and very lightweight; reflection is used once per type and cached for good performance. Datastore and DAO<T,V> access abstractions, or roll your own... Type-safe, and Fluent Query support with (runtime) validation Annotations based mapping behavior; there are no XML files. Extensions: Validation (jsr303), and SLF4J Logging @Entity("employees")class Employee { @Id ObjectId id; // auto-generated, if n

Cokemi-utils-mvc - A very lightweight and useful utility for J2EE MVC coding

A very lightweight and useful utility for J2EE MVC coding;There are some useful classes in the utility.1, A TemplateDAO based on Commons.dbutils or Spring JdbcTemplate;sample code: DataSource ds = new TestDataSource();QueryRunnerAdapter queryRunner = new QueryRunnerAdapter(ds);JdbcTemplateAdapter jdbcTemplate = new JdbcTemplateAdapter(ds);TemplateDAO dao = new TemplateDAO(queryRunner);// for JdbcTemplate, like this:// dao = new TemplateDAO(jdbcTemplate); / dao.setJdbcAdapter(jdbcTemplate);Sample


rrd wsRRD is well-known soft/hardware monitoring-tool software... ...and now, thanks to JRobin, it is available for java/ j2ee , web-services, clustering, SoftwareAsAService (SaaS) supported protocols for Data-collectinglog-file xml (DUMP, xpath) Java-JMX jcollectd TCP/UDP SNMP (v 1., 2., 3. ) typeperf log4j, JUL, slf4j supported runtimesJAVA J2EE GAE supported output formatsrastergif png jpg tif vectorsvg compositpdf reproduce original rrdtools commansjust follow https://code.google.com/p/rrdws

Datasource-proxy - proxy datasource to intercept executing queries

AboutProvide a datasource proxy class to intercept executing queries. Featuresobtain all executed query & parameter obtain query execuion time obtain total query execution time, num of database call, and num of queries log all of the above obtained information inject custom logic before/after all query execution jdbc query metrics How to use maven <dependency>  <groupId>net.ttddyy</groupId>  <artifactId>datasource-proxy</artifactId>  <version>1.1</version></dependency>>> sample application

Openip - open source image processing library

The openIP projectThe openIP is an open source project of the Image Processing Group of Debrecen, University of Debrecen, to create a c++ library providing the most common methods and algorithms in the field of image processing and computer vision. If You are interested in the library as a user or developer, feel free to access me at gyuriofkovacs@gmail.com. We are looking for developers! Cite@conference{gykovacs2010, author = "Kovacs, Gy. and Ivan, J. I. and Panyik, A. and Fazekas, A.", title =