DS1820 Temperature logger

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DS1820 Temperature logger gives the user an user friendly service for logging temperature with DS9094 usb to onewire converter, Programming langugage is C#




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Ppi-server - physical port interface server and client

The ppi-server project is an C++ linux based server for x86/x64 architecture, controlling external devices and displays data on an java thin-client using the SWT/JFace-Librarys.

.Net Micro DS1820 Library

This is a library for DS1820 OneWire Sensor, supports multiple sensors listed inside an array object.

Digitemp - 1-wire Temperature Sensor reader

DigiTemp is a simple to use program for reading values from 1-wire devices. Its main use is for reading temperature sensors, but it also reads counters, and understands the 1-wire hubs with devices on different branches of the network. DigiTemp now supports the following 1-wire temperature sensors: DS18S20 (and DS1820), DS18B20, DS1822, the DS2438 Smart Battery Monitor, DS2422 and DS2423 Counters, DS2409 MicroLAN Coupler (used in 1-wire hubs), and the AAG TAI-8540 humidity sensor.

Rit-monotonicity - RIT Distributed Systems Project

http://www.cs.rit.edu/~jjp1820/distributed/index.html http://www.cs.rit.edu/~ats/ds-2008-3/teams/problem.xml

temp_logger - Arduino Based LCD Thermometer using DS1820

Arduino Based LCD Thermometer using DS1820

digitemp - Digital thermometer using DS1820 1-wire sensors

Digital thermometer using DS1820 1-wire sensors

sensorita - Sensor Displaymodul Arduino/LCD/DS1820/DHT22/LDR

Sensor Displaymodul Arduino/LCD/DS1820/DHT22/LDR


arduino-C++ code for outputting data from Maxim DS1820 temperature sensors over HTTP in JSON format

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