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Command line Drupal install and update script for multi-site hosting using symlinks for enhanced site management. Think of dget as an quot;apt-getquot; for Drupal.




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drupal homepage paket

Provides a Drupal 6 distribution for creating advanced homepages. The intention is to enable Drupal newbies to get their first website started more quickly. The distribution is available in English and German language. Documentation is mostly in German. Please note: There will be no further development activities on this project.

Uc-bring - Drupal 6 - ubercart module for shipping with norwegian Posten / Bring Servicepakke

A module for drupal 6 and ubercart giving the price of shipping packages with the norwegian "Servicepakke" from Posten / Bring. Accesses Brings own website to get accurate pricing. Only the pricing info needed for our project is available, but it is probably not hard to extend it to get more information.

Quail-server - QUAIL Accessibility Information Server

A sister project of the QUAIL Accessibility Information Libray, Accessibility Information Server is a Drupal distribution that can scan other websites for compliance with accessibility guidelines like Section 508, WCAG, or any other custom guideline an administrator would like to build. This is the initial hosting space for the server project while it is very unstable and not to be used in production environments (and while we wait for CVS to go bye-bye in Drupal). Once we get stable, this will

Drupal-shift-scheduler - A drupal module to handle scheduling workers in shifts

Welcome to the documentation for the Drupal Shift Scheduler! Code development and bug-tracking have moved to http://drupal.org/sandbox/mcstrother/1075572 "Shifts" are a common pattern in professional organizations. This completely free and open source module can be plugged into any existing Drupal installation and supports maintaining an online schedule of shifts and employee work times. drupal-shift-scheduler was originally designed for use by Washington University's Emergency Support Team, a c

Myowsdrupal - MyOWs module for Drupal (6.x)

MyOWs module for Drupal (6.x) What can you do with this module ?Because the data (both imported or uploaded) are stored as Drupal nodes, you can do everything you would usually do with Drupal nodes and more, for example: protect the images of your gallery protect blog posts or webpages manage nodes with your other Drupal nodes extend existing Content Types such as Page or Story embed your protected content in other pages attach comments such as client feedback (using the core Comment module) dis

Getyouridx - GetYourIDX API

All GetYourIDX Code is hosted at GitHub ... http://github.com/getyouridx GetYourIDX Wordpress Plugin is now hosted at the Wordpress Plugin Directory ... http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/getyouridx/

Fbdrupal - A module to integrate fogbugz into drupal

Since the 0.1 version of this project is not properly designed, I'm going to rewrite the whole module which use the REST api of fogbugz instead of access database directly. The api is included in this project. Please check out the svn repository to get the latest code. Goals: Providing an php api to access fogbugz data Synchronize your projects into a vocabulary A timesheet module (under development), letting people to view their own timesheet of a certain month Try it and submit bugs and featur


This repository is deprecated as Commons is now developed from the Drupal.org repository. Please see http://commons.acquia.com/page/how-contribute-commons for instructions on getting a development copy of Commons.


This repository is deprecated as Commons is now developed from the Drupal.org repository. Please see http://commons.acquia.com/page/how-contribute-commons for instructions on getting a development copy of Commons.

Socialiciousapp - Let a million social networks bloom.

A PHP & MySQL based social network that you can run on your own servers. How the app works: Install it (like Drupal or Wordpress) on your own server (a shared dreamhost account is fine for example) The core application takes care of the basic social networking Enable (or write) plugins to add features. Philosophy: ProjectGoals Personas A RoadMap that's flexible Features: A clean UrlStructure (domain.com/username/) and other SEO optimizations. An admin area for owners that lets you manage your so

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