Druid, The Database Manager

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Druid is a GUI tool for database build and management. Users can add/change/delete DB objects (tables, fields, etc). Druid generates for you: SQL scripts, docs in XHTML, PDF, DocBook, etc; code in C, C++ amp; Java Beans even for JDO and support Castor amp; OJB




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druid - 为监控而生的数据库连接池!


druid - Metamarkets Druid Data Store

Metamarkets Druid Data Store

Druidweb - Projeto da DruidWeb

Novos projetos da druidweb

Druide Cave

DruideCave is a wine cave managment software. DruideCave est un logiciel de gestion de cave agrave; vin.


DruidBSD is a FreeBSD micro-distribution that supports CD/DVD, USB, and HD booting into a Live BSD Distribution.

Druide DB : XML database API for java

DruideDB is an embedded database (based on Object/XML mapping files) for Java applications. Both source code (DAO) and persistence layer (mapping) is generated. This DB stores everything as strings and handle auto-increments and multiple PKs.

Tigerwatch - Wow Addon to show tigers fury icon when druid should use it

Feral Druids Tiger Fury Icon when not on Cooldown and energy < 60

Feralbynight - A direct simulation therycrafting tool writen in C++ for feral druids

A direct simulation therycrafting tool writen in C++ for feral druids. It choce the best cycle to do for bear and cat druids given your talents and abilities, updated for World of Warcraft 3.1

Kunits - unitframes for kohana (a restoration druid)

unitframes for kohana (a restoration druid). neither customizable nor thought to be. only works with a specific configuration (actionslots, screen resolution, addon selection).