Document Repository System

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This program hopes to become a viable MS Sharepoint clone. It is basically a web interface to a document repository (Frontpage Web), but with many other features...It depends on Frontpage for remote authoring, otherwise it is independent.



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Copie - Network copy/paste

Software that allows computers to exchange clipboards. It consists of a main server, subserver and client applications. Clients connect to subservers, and subservers connect to the main server. All 3 applications are Java swing applications (using threads, sockets etc). Originally it was a college project for "Concurrent and Distributed programming" class at School Of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. (College:, class:

Ots-schemas - Java library for reading and writing common library XML schemas

OTS-Schemas is a Java library for reading and writing common library XML schemas. It currently supports PREMIS, MODS, TextMD, DocumentMD, MIX, AES AudioObject, METS (partial support), and several custom formats. It is developed as part of the Harvard University Library Digital Repository Service (DRS), an access and preservation repository. Please note that this should be considered beta software. The MIX and MODS sub-packages perform checking of schema-restricted values during runtime. However,

Digital Replay System

The DRS (Digital Replay System) is a desktop application for replaying and analysing combinations of video, audio, images, transcripts and computer log files in an integrated way.

Enkf-nssl-commas - Non-hydrostatic atmospheric model and radar data assimilation system for convecti

The COllaborative Model for Multiscale Atmospheric Simulation (e.g., COMMAS) has been primarily developed over the last 20 years by Drs. Lou Wicker and Ted Mansell at the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory in Norman OK. The code is a non-hydrostatic atmospheric model built to study supercell thunderstorms in realtively simple (usually homogenous) environments. The code has its roots in the original Klemp-Wilhelmson cloud model built at NCAR and the Univ. of IL in the late 1970s. Originally c

Vstoragedrs-1 - vStorage DRS

Powershellscript to optimize SAN Layout with optional Storage VMotion

Euclid-wm - Minimalist, tiling window manager that aims to allow easy management of numerous windows

STATUS: The current stable release is 0.3.1. the 0.3.x line features mainly minor improvements, not least of which is a fix for the numlock bug that apparently caused more than one person confusion. If you need help with the tarball see the instructions. To this, 0.3.1 fixes a problem that kept euclid from compiling on 64bit architectures. Also of note multihead support has undergone some serious debugging in trunk, so get the latest from svn and give it a try. (these improvements are not includ

Rifl - PC-to-Mobile Bluetooth RFCOMM connectivity with sensor data transmission.

Originally an Engineering Design II project from Florida Atlantic University ( the Relative Indoor Firefighter Locator was meant to establish a Bluetooth piconet where sensor information can be used to track the user's location (first responder) through the use of a mobile device. Ideally, this system would be self-sustained without relying on outside networks and work fairly well indoors. As of the end the of Spring 2010 semester our EDII team managed to implement a Bluetoot

Opensourcedea - OSDEA is an open source Data Envelopment Analysis library in java

Please tell us what you think of OSDEA!Data Envelopment Analysis is a state of the art benchmarking technique which can potentially help people doing better multi-criteria performance measurement studies. There exist DEA software programs although these are generally either not really comprehensive or really expensive. Besides, only little open source DEA problem solving code can be found. The project aim is to provide open source code which would enable anybody to write their own DEA problems s

Fits - File Information Tool Set

File Information Tool Set (FITS)What is it?The File Information Tool Set (FITS) identifies, validates, and extracts technical metadata for various file formats. It wraps several third-party open source tools, normalizes and consolidates their output, and reports any errors. FITS was created by the Harvard University Library Office for Information Systems for use in its Digital Repository Service (DRS). The current tools used are: Jhove (LGPL version 2.1 or any later version) Exiftool (GPL versio

Pyrfcon - The module for runtime performance monitoring.

AboutPyrfcon provides the ability to monitor performance counters data for process and its threads. You can use this module on Windows and Linux. In addition to standard set of counters for process and thread, you can observe two extra counters: cpuUsage (for process and thread) and memUsage (only for process). Supported countersStandard countersFor Windows: Process: time, % Processor Time, % User Time, % Privileged Time, Virtual Bytes Peak, Virtual Bytes, Page Faults/sec, Working Set Peak, Work