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droiD64 is a graphical filemanager for D64 files (Commodore 64 and others). May this tool make life easier for Commodore 64 fans, especially for those using MAC and Linux systems as there are tools available for Windows anyway.




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Onesync - Free Open Source Online and Offline Sync Tool

OneSync FeaturesSync in 3 steps First step: Right click folder that you would like to sync and choose "Sync with OneSync". Second step: Name your syncjob and choose your intermediate storage. Last step: Click sync and done! 2-way synchronization Both source directory and target directory will be balanced in final stage. Light-weight sync: Only synchronize files that have been modified to reduce sync time. Sync through thumbdrive and DropBox Sync Preview Learn what is going to be changed before s

N64oid - N64 emulator for the Android platform.

N64 emulator for the Android platform which will primarily target the Motorola Droid, and other Android devices with hardware 3D acceleration. Will primary use Mupen64Plus as codebase. Will require extensive rewrites of Mupen64Plus to support Android platform. What has been done:- Ported core to Android platform with interpreted CPU (no dynarec yet) - Ported RSP HLE plugin and main program to Android - Ported SDL to Android platform - Compiled SDL input plugin for Android - Compiled SDL audio pl


A mupen64plus emulator port to the Android platform

droid64 - A mupen64plus emulator port to the Android platform

A mupen64plus emulator port to the Android platform

BT_DROID - PIC24FJ64GB002?Bluetooth USB????????????????LED??????????

PIC24FJ64GB002?Bluetooth USB????????????????LED??????????