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Drip is a DVD transcoder for Unix. Main target platform is Linux with a Gnome environment. Drip is a full featured application, with support for subtitles, audio and angle selection and complete control of what part of the DVD should be encoded. Plugin f




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django-drip - Use the admin to manage drip campaign emails using querysets on Django's User model.

Use the admin to manage drip campaign emails using querysets on Django's User model.

drip - Fast JVM launching without the hassle of persistent JVMs.

Fast JVM launching without the hassle of persistent JVMs.

Drips - Dynamic rule base instrumentation of production systems

What it does This project aims to provide an infrastructure using which a user can inject custom logic at runtime on any java based application. This can be done with minimal configuration changes to the target application. Our profiler tool is based on the above mentioned infrastructure which will dynamically calculate the Response Time of any JVM method using Aspect-oriented programming model (Aspectwerkz) . This profiling mechanism allows the user to iteratively profile any portion of a J2EE

G Code Editor and Serial Downloader

A gCode Editor and downloader for use with CNC machinery. It features an editor, file management, single step, serial download and drip feed.

Offrost - software for danish dance theatre's frost performance

FROSTsoftware for a dance performance recoil performance group, fall 2009 an interactive video scenography for a recoil performance group dance performance/installation. developed with choreographer tina tarpgaard and programmers ole kristensen and jonas jongejan. Descriptionworking with the talented dancers of danish dance theatre, we created a universe of frozen bodies, melting ice and dripping waters. the scenography is primarily consisting of video projections in concert with andreas buhl’

A Simple Marquee Text Control, Drip Animation and Roll Animation in WPF

An animation consists of a series of frames. To perform the animation, these frames are shown one after the other at a regular time interval. Here i have provided source code of marquee text control, Drip animation, and Roll animation.

Iedrip - Memory-leak detector for Internet Explorer

Drip is a simple tool that allows you to detect most memory leaks in DHTML applications on Internet Explorer. The original articles describing it can be found here:http://blog.grimpoteuthis.org/

Drop-osx - OS X layered drawing application

The project has been moved to Github: https://github.com/samiamwork/Drip There are already bug fixes checked in there. I'll leave this up for a while so anyone interested can find the new site but eventually I'll probably delete this project.