Chrille's drinking game

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An Open Source drinking game -- perfect for parties! The game will randomly pick out persons to drink random amounts and can include simple math problems! Go to the detailed description to read more!



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Snooker-pool-bowling - Project for a bar

This is a project for school. We need to build a program in java to manage the floor for snooker, pool and bowling. We also need to make an order function for drinks. This will be database driven.

Beerball-simulator - Beerball Simulator

This little PHP application simulates a game of Beerball in a text version, including the initial Rock Paper Scissors and of course throwing, running and drinking beer. Two or more players can take part in a game.

Dwarf-foreman - Management tool for Dwarf Fortress.

Dwarf Foreman is a simple utility to uses your manager dwarf to dispatch jobs to your worker based off your current needs. For example you could tell it to always have at least 100 drinks on hand and it would dispatch jobs to brew more when you ran low.

popdrink a drink app

about the pop drink app

Xpowerhour - Use XBMC to Play Power Hour

CURRENT BUG IN XBMC FOR XBOXCurrently there is a bug (starting with builds sometime in August to current builds), that will prevent xPowerHour from working correctly on the Xbox version only. In fact, xPowerHour will crash completely because of this bug. The bug has been posted to Trac for fixing, so we will have to wait for the XBMC team to fix this issue. Head to the Wiki section, I have a temporary fix that will solve the issue. END OF BUG INFORMATIONSimply put, Power Hour is a drinking game

Opinionate4j - An opinionated web stack for a Java Project. Prewired for a k(w)ickstarting a new Jav

How many many hours does this universe need to spend, rewriting the same crap over and over again? If you would like to develop a new Java Web App using Spring-Hibernate-Ant and would rather drink beer than spend time wiring them together for the nth time with copy-pasted internet code stuck together with your monkey-jizz-patch, then read on. Has anyone done this before ? Fuck if I know\\care :-)

Songbird-centurion-timer - Songbird Addon for drinking games

NewsDec 11, 2009: Updated to 0.2.3 Jun 14, 2009: Updated to 0.2.2 Feb 27, 2009: Updated to 0.2.1 Get it here. Feb 14, 2009: Updated to 0.2.0 You can get it here but you should use the newest version. Feb 8, 2009: Version 0.1.0 has been released for Songbird! You can get it here but you should use the newest version. IntroductionWelcome to the project wiki for the centurion timer. The centurion timer is a simple add-on for Songbird that makes it easy to keep track of a game of centurion, power ho