cordova-camera-roll - An iOS camera roll plugin for Cordova/PhoneGap

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If you are not using the Cordova Command-line Interface, follow [Using Plugman to Manage Plugins]( use this plugin, make sure you install it just like any Cordova/PhoneGap plugin.In Javascript, you can do something like this:```javascriptCameraRoll.getPhotos(function(photo) { // Photo is a URL pointing to the asset. It's prefixed asset-library:// // So if you are using Angular and ng-src, make sure to whitelist this URL scheme. // // You can use "photo" directly in an img src or as a background-image in CSS. // // This callback will be called for each photo in the roll. It's async, yo!});```TODO-----Need to do some more testing for failure conditions and permission things.Also, I want to add block-style reading where you can read in a block of photos at a time, which gives you a little morecontrol and performance over the loading.



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