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A pure Java software application for controlling and watching media streams from a Dreambox satellite decoder. Provides a way to easily monitor what is being displayed on the Dreambox, and flawlessly respond to channel change events etc




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Server and Client for streaming live tv from a dreambox to a nokia symbian device.

Enigma2-plugin-extensions-opendns - Update OpenDNS IP from Enigma2 based tv sat receiver

Enigma2 plugin to check OpenDNS network ip in selected period of time (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes). If your public ip and ip assigned to OpenDNS are different, this plugin update ip in OpenDNS service. Install plugin: login to your tv sat receiver over ssh, create directory OpenDNS inside /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/, copy files plugin.py and plugin.png to new created directory, create empty file init.py in this directory, restart receiver GUI, go to Plugins > OpenDNS, set c

Xul-vlc-dreambox - An xul application to watch dreambox and switch between channels

Xul Vlc Dreambox Player This application will help you to watch your dreambox, just like you are watching your TV. No need for web interface. What this application provides: Navigate through the available services provided by your dreambox. Mark channels as favourites. An http service to connect to it, so you can use lirc and your remote control to control it. what do you need: a dreambox, i have tried the dm500+, with the enigma interface, I have not tried other interfaces xulrunner 1.9.3* a Li

Epgwidget - A Mac OS X Dashboard widget capable of displaying an Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

EPG tv-widgetEPG-widgeten visar tvtablåer i Dashboard. EPG-widgeten är efterföljaren till Xmltv-widgeten. Välj tablåer fritt bland de tillgängliga kanalerna från tv.swedb.se, och kombinera dessa med personliga filmbetyg från filmtipset.se. Nuvarande funktionalitetVälj fritt från alla de kanaler som finns att tillgå från tv.swedb.se. Inget medlemskap behövs för att välja vilka kanaler du vill ha. Medlemmar på Filmtipset.se kan automatiskt få personliga filmbetyg på de filmer som

Python-weather-api - A python wrapper around the Yahoo! Weather, Google Weather and NOAA APIs

IntroductionBuildingFrom sourceGetting the codeDocumentationYahoo! WeatherGoogle WeatherNOAAExamplesScriptResultWhere is it used?NEWS IntroductionThe module provides a python wrapper around the Yahoo! Weather, Google Weather and NOAA APIs. Author: Eugene Kaznacheev <qetzal@gmail.com> (pywapi - Python Weather API) BuildingFrom sourceDownload the latest pywapi library from: http://python-weather-api.googlecode.com/files/pywapi-0.2.1.tar.gz Untar the source distribution and run: $ python setup.py b

Kartinatv-dm - enigma2 KartinaTV plugin by technic

Enigma2 IPTV plugin by technicЭтот плагин предназначен дл� про�мотра ру��кого интернет телевидени� Картина.ТВ и Родное.ТВ на �путниковых ре�иверах Dreambox и других на о�нове enigma2. КартинаТВ


TV zapping using vlc and a DreamBox