Dream Down

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This is an integrated downloading software for any Windows and Linux platform. Support http, ftp, mms, bt, emule etc. everything you could imagine.




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Pyweek6 - Pyweek 6 from Santa Fe, Argentina

From the authors of Twisted Zombies, from Santa Fe, Argentina: Pedro's Robot FactoryThe StoryPedro is a modest man. One day, he read a book by Isaac Asimov and began to dream about robots (Robot Dreams). Afterwards, Pedro invested his money in a Robot Factory called Pedro's Robot Factory (of course) and you are his roboticist (Sorry). Pedro developed the "Funnelhead" model... and you must to build it. Pedro is a demanding boss and level to level, while the enterprise progress, you must be faster

dreamscape :: the cms for creative people

dream. create. do.dreamscape cms is the perfect way for a creative type to create and manage a website. Stop worrying about your technology and start creating portfolios, galleries, press releases, blogs, and as many pages as you need. Artists can create galleries and sell their work. Adding new pieces is a piece of cake, no HTML or specialized skills necessary. Creatives can create portfolios and show off their skills. dreamscape takes care of the heavy lifting like creating thumbnails, organiz

Truckpc - TruckPC is a Python project for offroad truck (old ones ;-) ) enthusiasts that: 1. visuali

TruckPCTruckPC is a Python project for offroad truck (old ones ;-) ) enthusiasts under Linux that: 1. visualise sensors (eg temperature) and put watchdogs, 2. read a GPS and display coordinates, speed, course and 3. have tripmaster functionality. Everything touchscreen ready ... and future-functionality: CAN-bus sensor reading ! TruckPC DreamOur dream is to have the TruckPC fully functional in a nowadays Dakar / Africa Race Offroad Truck ! Today Functionalitiesread sensors with Arduinoread stand

Dreamdown - DreamDown is cross-platform downloading software

Dream Down is a cross-platform downloading software that aims at supporting multiple protocols. It is built on C/C++ and wxWdigets Toolkit.

Gorgonlib - Gorgon - A 2D graphics library for .NET

What is Gorgon?A 2D graphics library for .NET and SlimDX. Also, it’s proof that I can’t do 3D. What’s the licensing? What did you do to my soul?Versions 1.1.x and up of Gorgon are licensed under the MIT license. Your soul is a lie. How far along are you? Is it done yet? How about now?Gorgon is complete, released and in version 1.1.x. What can it do?Oh sweet jeebus, what can’t it do? It can slice, dice, puree, and even solve pi to 3,899,122,129,991,211,100 decimal places. It rules. Really

Python-lastfm - A python interface to the last.fm web services API

This package provides a python interface to the last.fm web services API located at http://ws.audioscrobbler.com/2.0/ (documented at http://www.last.fm/api/intro). The package covers all the methods provided by the web service API. It also contains some composite methods built upon the methods provided by the web service API. Authentication and authenticated methods are supported. The code is being documented now. You can see the documentation here for reference. Examples>>> import lastfm>>> api

Manta-server - Manta - the web server solution

Coming soon. Dream big. Insert clichés. Wait long. Release early. Release often. Write sentences. Short sentences. Your web. Your pocket. Go. ConceptThe idea here is to make a web server package which makes projects like XAMPP completely obsolete. A comparison of WAMP software packages. We intend to eventually support all packages supported by these systems. And also to run on Windows initially, especially with PortableApps.com support, and later Linux and Mac OS X. The basic plan for usability

Dreamhack - Dreamhack is an abstract symbolic roguelike inspired by Nethack.

Dreamhack takes place in a dream, instead of a fantasy setting. Specifically, the player starts on the ground floor of a dreamlike house. From here, he can take stairs up, or down into the basement. In Dreamhack, the player fights strange and symbolic monsters with unusual every day items, just like in a dream. Dreamhack is a game in the Roguelike genre, most similar to Nethack but still very unique. For instance, unlike Nethack, an "Angband style" town can be accessed from the starting map. Ini

Digital-toy - create toy for son, learn hardware, reach the dream

Introductionprj for toys of my son and myself. some commit log write down by Chinese. but at least, the sch and PCB is definitely no language problem. enjoy! 1. create electronic building block 2. create toy for son 3. learn and dream for more detailed information about digital toy's project and experiment refer to Δτ Home-brew Lab for digital-toy. Basic guideread me README Developer Guide HOWTO see the full pics Gallery PicsGallery mail me: heyongli@gmail.com Pics Gallery sample

Netail - An assembly language and .NET compiler/decompiler back-end written entirely in C#

It has been 12 years since my first AI related question was born: Can computers think as human being? - It was quite a long journey for me to learn both how computers think and the human being does. I got answers and what's more, question. And it seems not the right time to give up the efforts, I believe that I should continue. Not only for the believes, but also the achivements I've got for the past decade.The first application that I can tell, should be the Natural Language Programming (not Pr