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DrawMe - A network ink-chat application exploring .NET 3.5, WPF and WCF




Related Projects

Bigbluebutton - Open Source Web Conferencing

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for distance education. It supports sharing of slides (PDF and any document readable by OpenOffice), webcams, whiteboard, chat, voice over IP (using FreeSWITCH), and presenter's desktop. It can record and playback sessions (slides, audio, and chat), runs on Mac, Unix, and PC computers, and is supported by a community of developers that care about good design and a streamlined user experience.

Saros - Distributed Party Programming

Saros brings multi-writer synchronous distributed editing to the Eclipse IDE, e.g. for joint code reviews, explaining code remotely, or distributed pair programming -- all also for more than 2 participants; we call this Distributed Party Programming. It includes refined awareness functionality, optional screen-sharing, text chat, a simple distributed whiteboard/sketching facility, and (immature) VoIP. Eclipse Update Site: http://dpp.sourceforge.net/update

Mando - Low cost interactive whiteboard

Mando is a human computer interface using a camera and a projector. The camera is calibrated against a projection area to determine the position of physical pointer(pen, LED, laser pointer light...) which is then used to virtually move X11 pointer. Packages for Ubuntu may be found here: https://launchpad.net/~shoden/+archive/mando

Whiteboard Applet

A Java (1.1 compatible) Applet that allows users of a website to draw images which are synchronized between users in real time.


Anka is a collaborative whiteboard - allowing you to draw and share your whiteboard over the internet. The future is here!


Whiteboard is a fully-featured and -integrated courseware system, targeted toward colleges and universities.


Coccinella is a free and open-source cross-platform communication tool with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people.


HiveBoard is an open source shared graphical whiteboard application that is targeted at professional meetings. It includes interactive chat. It is written in Java and requires a Servlet Container (eg jakarta Tomcat) and a DBMS (eg MySQL) for the server.


jSummit is a multi-platform, peer-to-peer conferencing package designed to be a complete solution for all remote conferencing. It currently implements Global and Private Chat, a Whiteboard, Video/Audio conferencing, Polling, and File sending.

Socketedwhiteboard - socket based whiteboard

socket version of jatinder's whiteboard see here: http://www.stanford.edu/~jatinder/academic/projects/grad/JAVAProg/distrWhiteboard/distrWhiteboard.html#client_server