Draw 2DX

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simplifies drawing a Heads Up Display or menu system by providing a my own version of the Xna's Sprite batch which can be easily replaced with the original sprite batch. Draw2DX provides methods for drawing lines, curves, circles, polygons, dots, and more




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Aiw-mw2-overlay-ingame-console - Modern Warfare 2 (alterIW) Overlay Ingame Console

This is a project which it's main goal is to provide a D3D based ingame console, mainly for Modern Warfare 2 alterIW version. The code itself uses a D3D hooking base from mikoweb.eu website and some other drawing/hooking functions which can be used easily in any other console-less DX9 based game. This is not an official code, which means it's not developed by the alterIW team.

Canvg - Javascript SVG parser and renderer on Canvas

Introductioncanvg is a SVG parser and renderer. It takes a URL to a SVG file or the text of an SVG file, parses it in JavaScript, and renders the result on a Canvas element. The rendering speed of the examples is about as fast as native SVG. What's implemented?The end goal is everything from the SVG spec. The majority of the rendering and animation is working. If you would like to see a feature implemented, don't hesitate to contact me or add it to the issues. Potential usesAllows for inline emb

Gorgonlib - Gorgon - A 2D graphics library for .NET

What is Gorgon?A 2D graphics library for .NET and SlimDX. Also, it’s proof that I can’t do 3D. What’s the licensing? What did you do to my soul?Versions 1.1.x and up of Gorgon are licensed under the MIT license. Your soul is a lie. How far along are you? Is it done yet? How about now?Gorgon is complete, released and in version 1.1.x. What can it do?Oh sweet jeebus, what can’t it do? It can slice, dice, puree, and even solve pi to 3,899,122,129,991,211,100 decimal places. It rules. Really

Simple-tetris-clone - yet another simple tetris clone...

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler. Albert Einstein IntroductionThere must be a gazillion Tetris clones out there. Why another one?. Because I couldn't find a clone like this: with a liberal open source license and programmed with code legibility in mind. There are many little projects like this but most of them have restrictive GPL licenses or are very difficult to read and change. This one is released under then open and permissive MIT license and hopefully it's ea

Fallenge - A game engine written in c#.

FallenGEFallenGE (Game Engine) is a complete solution for witting games in c#. The engine makes use of various free libraries, such as Tao, and combines them together into a nice neat package to make writing a game as easy as possible. FeaturesA simple interface for creating games. Rendering engine written in OpenGL. Sprite management. Audio playback via OpenAL. File management via PhysFS. Supports all image formats supported by DevIL. Mouse/Keyboard Input support. Basic Shader support. Physics

Ddhack - DirectDraw API wrapper

DDHackA DLL to wrap DirectDraw to modern APIs. What?DirectDraw was Microsoft's "gaming" 2d api in DirectX prior to DX8, and a successor to the WinG API. Since DirectDraw has been deprecated, its support has been in the decline. However, many old games depend on the API. The aim for this project is to let people play these old games on modern systems, and furthermore to do so without having to jump through crazy hoops (like switching to single monitor 256 color mode).

Robotcontrolide - An integrated development environment for robot control development for the Player

The ProjectIRCE (Integrated Robot Control Environment) is a programming environment for mobile robot software control that makes use of the Player/Stage/Gazebo Project to simulate the robots behavior. Since it is a 3D simulation, actually only Player and Gazebo are used. The application lets users to create 3D virtual worlds and place 3d models such as ground, walls (boxes) or cylinders and robots with its sensors such as a Pioneer2DX with a Sick LMS200 sensor. Each robot control can be implemen

Extend-mesh - 3D shape stretching while preserving surface details

A proposed interactive and simple method that creates model variations by applying stretching on 3D models. The method replicates the geometric details and synthesizes extensions by applying texture synthesis techniques on surface details. This work is done as part of my M.Sc. thesis at the GrUVi lab at the Simon Fraser University, Canada. Tools neededC++ and OpenGL Qt 4.7 libQGLViewer (2.3.9) GLee or GLEW Some techniques & ideas implementedImplicit mesh fairing using curvature flow Patch-based

Octopilot - Autopilot for RC planes, based on the Parallax Propeller

OctopilotAboutOctopilot is an open source, modular autopilot for radio controlled planes. It can be enabled/disabled through an extra channel/switch on your transmitter, and when switched on, stabilizes the plane and navigates it back to the starting location, where it will circle. It can also optionally trigger external actions, like taking a photo or dropping an item, when it reaches a waypoint. Soon I plan to add the ability to enter a set of waypoints for it to navigate to one by one. I also

Nia-remdreamer - NIA / Lucid Dream Project

14/08/08 I bit the bullet and ordered a http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.7409 Hopefully it doesn't draw power from both PC inputs! I'm hoping when I issue the swap command it cuts the USB power.. More to come on this once it arrives(~2weeks). 14/08/08 Well.. I've reached my goal start date for coding.. However without being able to control glance while concience.. I'm a worried as to how to monitor it while I sleep. I've installed the NIA software onto my Asus EEE(701), however it doesn