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Draughts. This is simple game. It written in C# (WPF).




Related Projects

Cobra-draughts - Cobra Draughts :: Python AI for draughts/checkers game

Cobra DraughtsWhat Is It?Cobra Draughts is a lightweight AI for draught/checkers game written in Python. The main goal of this software is to provide a simple engine for AI vs. AI match for Machine Learning purpose. However it's perfectly suitable for AI vs. Human match. News11 September 2011I've just added a new move cache system. For now this is not very useful. It boost the total performance by a 10-15%. But now I can create a more sophisticated static evaluation function without performance


Ascal is a free implementation of the board game Lasca (similar to draughts) for the Gnome desktop.

Ania2 - Program do gry w warcaby wersja2

Ulepszona wersja programu do gry w warcaby. Będzie bardziej przemyślana. ;)

Cs544-checkers - Drexel University CS 544 winter 2010-2011 group 07 checkers game protocol

Drexel University CS 544 2010-2011 group 07 protocol and implementation for the game of checkers or "draughts." Check ProtocolDesignPaper. We can collaborate easier this way, and then convert to Word/PDF for submission. Beata's initial protocol sketch. Jonathan's initial DFA sketch (for an extensible game service). The PDFs for the protocol design assignment and the protocol implementation assignment.

Checkers Plus

Client server based, platform independent, multi player American Checker (English Draughts) game. With J2EE based server, Java Client and a Windows.NET client.

Legends-of-draughts - Softdev team 2 project

This is the checkers project for spring 2009.


Neodraughts aimed to be an full 3d , animted version of classic draughts game. It is written in C using OpenGL/SDL libraries .

Qcheckersmobile - Mobile version of QCheckers

Symbian Touch version of qcheckers Features: background image (got from fotki.yandex.ru); game side selection; game difficulty (search depth) selection (3 to 5); game type selection: russian/international; on-screen menu (without toolbar at the bottom of the screen); on-screen dialogs (instead of system ones); "computer thinking" indication with hourglass; status toolbar shows current checkers counts and current system time. Planned features: settings dialog adopted for touch-interface; keyboard