Drakon Process Manager

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Drakon provides a graphical display of the running processes and lets you pause or terminate them.




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A free cross-platform editor for the DRAKON visual language.

Erythros-drakon - A Rails Web Forum

The ED project has two goals: To create a speedy and simple web forum in Rails. To create an expansive and intuitive API for web forums. The ED web forum software will be written in Ruby and Javascript, using the Rails Framework and the JQuery library. Various other libraries for Ruby like Sequel and Pony will also be used.

Isg2drakon2009-10 - TrabajoDrakon

Este proyecto consiste en la implementacion de un juego de mesa llamado Drakon.

Drakon GSP 360 Gameboard

GSP 360 Midterm Project Larijohn Gindi Joe Binh Computer game based representation of the popular board game Drakon.


drakon hack-a-thon

drakon-tea - TEA cipher in CBC mode written in DRAKON Editor + C as a fun exercise.

TEA cipher in CBC mode written in DRAKON Editor + C as a fun exercise.


Scheme from scratch using drakon, see http://peter.michaux.ca/articles/scheme-from-scratch-introduction


A framework for creating windows gadgets

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