Data Persistent Object

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ORM tool to access SQL Server, log record changes, Json and Linq supported



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Php-dpo - PHP Database Persistent Object

A set of object wich create a persistency layer from any database entity. Description coming soon...

5dpo Components for Lazarus

5dpo Component Library for Lazarus (Sdpo) provides a comport (serial port) component, an IEEE1394 camera component based on libdc1394, an UVC video driver component for webcams, a Gtk fast painting form and a Joystick component.

DPO - DPO - homeworks

DPO - homeworks

mi-dpo - School projects for MI-DPO (design patterns)

School projects for MI-DPO (design patterns)

dpo3 - 3. domaci ukol do MI-DPO

3. domaci ukol do MI-DPO


A Toy AMPL Driver


A Python package for optimization

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