Doxia :: Include Macro

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quot;Include Macroquot; for Maven2 :: Doxia starts where the standard Snippet macro ends. It combines features like standard file/snippet inclusion, source code highlighting, Velocity templates and dynamic content, without adding additional dependencies.



Related Projects

Nb-doxia-support - NetBeans module for supporting Maven Doxia files

NetBeans module providing file type support Maven Doxia files. For now this include the APT (Almost Plain Text) format.

Syntax-highlighted-snippet - Maven Doxia Makro for include source code into project documentation ge

This module is replacement for Snippet Macro. This implementation allows to include entire file when id parameter isn't defined. This implementation also provides syntax highlighting for code snippet. It was inspired by How to create macros for maven-site-plugin. Highlighting is implemented by SyntaxHighlighter. See project site for more details.

M2-site-tools - Tools for Maven 2 site plugin

Latest build: 2.0 | Download | User guide | Maven users This project is a handy toolkit for developers and companies that use Maven 2 site generation capabilities in order to generate HTML project presentations. m2-site-tools extends the standard site plugin that comes with Maven 2 with custom macros and page template and offers many exciting features: inserting highlighted code snippets as well as parametrized HTML, Google Analytics and Google Friend Connect integration, SEO (meta-description)