Infinite DoWork

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Example of an infinite loop.



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.Net Framework library for console arguments parsing Project home page: Quick example: public static void Main(string[] args) { Consolery.Run(typeof(Program), args);}[Action]public static void DoWork( [Required] string name, [Optional(-1)] int count) {\t// ...}C:\\>program.exe Administrator /count:10For more details use manual

Storysmith - A behavior driven development aid.

StorySmith aims to make behavior driven development easy with no new attributes or asserts to learn. StorySmith aspires to achieve this by requiring developers to adhere to the following guidelines: 0. There is always a story whether it is strongly typed or created on the fly public class CalculatorStory:IStory { #region IStory Members public string AsA { get { return "calculator user"; } set{} } public string IWantTo { get { return "add and subtract"; } set{} } public string SoThat { get { retu

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WB_AdminWB_Admin is an administration software based on the excellent Kohana php framework. It's not a CMS, it will never help you create a new frontend for your website, but it's purpose is to let you create backends a database using applications faster than ever. ChangeLog Main features:Yaml files are used to create readabity and flexibility when creating pretty much everything It inherits a lot of stuff from the CodeIgniter administration system called CodeExtinguisher (aka Codex) This also m

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dowork - Express & Yeoman project scaffold

Express & Yeoman project scaffold

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