Downtown ADOM

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Downtown is a character editor for the roguelike game Ancient Dungeons Of Mystery ( Windows players can use the spiffy wADOMF (; for everyone else, downtown is your only choice (other than not cheating).



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CHASERS is a web/database application for non-profits. It is used by Downtown Emergency Service Center, a homeless service agency, to track clients, services and agency operations. It has been used adapted for fundraising and other purposes too.

Mychicago - Chicago

City of Chicago Downtown and Skyline


Computer Science/Software Engineering Class at UH Downtown. Project is a patient billing system.

Folioge - Folioge is a browser based note organizer.

There are some screenshots. Runs in your browser, link to anything on the net Drag and drop folders Requires no installation, runs from the folder Open source under the Gnu license Put it on a USB thumb drive and take it everywhere Can dump all the notes to a single web page Search and replace features Small, under 4 megs in size Comes with source files you can edit Run your own apache, php, sqlite aps Access it remotely via the web Folioge leans itself to any type of note taking that could bene


iRPG is a big hack for Ikonboard (a forum u probably know it :) ) it turns your ikonboard in an RPG (Role playing game) with shops,battle area, downtown etc.

All-in-one-taxi - This is a combination tax cab application which includes taxi fare calculator, tax

This is an all in one taxi cab application. This application is designed for both taxi riders and taxi drivers. The taxi riders can use this application to calculate the cost of the taxi journey before he/she begins the ride. The taxi riders can also find available taxi cab company in their nearby areas with the help of the GPS tracking device on the mobile device. The taxi riders can book an available taxi that they can find, and the taxi drivers can choose to accept or refuse the taxi ride boo

Deal-droid - a mobile application built on android operating system

SummaryDeal-droid is an application which provides store deals to the user. The store deals are provided specific to a location zip code entered. The stores which have deals are put on the map. FunctionalityFor an instance, you are in the downtown of some city and you are wondering if there are any deals in the nearby stores. You can use this application to find that data. It gives the deals data either in the map or in the list form. The user can use this data to shop at the desired store. At t

Scummvm-dgds - Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) Engine Implementation for ScummVM

DescriptionThe Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) is an engine originally created by Dynamix for the games Rise of the Dragon, The Adventures of Willy Beamish and Heart of China. This engine is a continuation of the progress originally made by jvprat, who has done some excellent work on getting a resource management sub-system started. Below is an interview with Kevin Ryan, one of the developers and owners of Dynamix that provides a bit of insight into the product development and history: In

downtown - Downtown is not working yet.

Downtown is not working yet.