Console Download Manager for Linux/Win32

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A client/server based system to manage downloads of many clients which share one internet-connection. Supports ftp,http,resuming,a blocking mechanism,...



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DownloadDaemon is a comfortable download-manager with many features like one-click-hoster support, etc. It can be remote-controled in several ways (web/gui/console clients), which makes it perfect for file- and root-servers, as well as for local use.

Pydownit - a free open-source multi-thread download management tool by python

Pydownit is a simple download manager tool developed by Python Programming language.

Quick-downloadmanager - Quick and Simple Download Manager made in Java

Java ProjectDownload Manager with a simple and intuitive GUI. Lightning fast. Program your downloads.

Download Organizer

Download Organizer is a Windows service developed in C# on .NET 4 to monitor your downloads folder and move inbound files to various locations on your PC.

Scavenger - The Poor Man's Download Manager

Scavenger aims to be a leading opensource download manager that supports multiple protocols, is easy to use and cross-platform.

Het-manager - Download Manager with support for One-Click Services

HetDownload Manager with support for One-Click Services such as Rapidsahre, Megaupload and others. It features a core program running as a daemon and web and curses clients. It's written in ruby, and is extensible via plugins.


AlphaGet is a download manager for Windows. You can drag links onto the AlphaGet Widget and it will download a file on the selected folder. It is developed in C# 4.0 and Windows Presentation Foundation.

Frauncache - A collection of developer and application tools.

A public place to collect and store my projects, including: Backup ClipboardToBrowser CommonTools CraigslistJobs DeepCoolClear (autologin) DOMPy DownloadManager FormalProject Hub JythonWebConsole LambdaMOO (python bindings) Mayan Calendar -- full desktop app and web package Mozilla Extensions: CookieSaver MUDGraph ProcessManager PySpidermonkey (hacker branch) SpaceGame (with REM) Spatial (python module) TMobileUsage TorrentActivator USB programming Wartime (Django MobWars clone)

Jdownloadmon - java download manager

jDownloadMonA java download manager. FeaturesAdd/Remove downloads and start(resume)/stop/pause them. Supports http links that end in a filename only. Move one or more downloads up or down the queue. Double-click to open a file in the list (requires JRE 1.6). Options for max downloads, default file exists behavior and directory to download. Sorting on columns (either ascending, descending or none). Possible future featuresRight-click menu FTP downloads Redirect to proper download with non-filenam