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OpenFramework.NET is a layer of modules and tools that complement/enhance the .NET framework. The objective of this project is to offer programmers the tools to create professional application easily. This framework is written with Visual Basic.NET



Related Projects

Kedrahcore - Open source library to ease development of Tibia utilitaries and tools.

This software extends the TibiaAPI open source library and its purpose is to make even easir to make programs that interact with the Tibia client. It's fully open source and the code follow object-oriented principles. Latest version should be avaliable on the downloads page. You may also want to compile it yourself.

Hardek - Open source Tibia bot developed using KedrahCore and TibiaAPI API's

This software uses the KedrahCore / TibiaAPI open source libraries and its purpose is be a elegant high level bot program for the Tibia client. Latest version should be avaliable on the downloads page. You may also want to compile it yourself. Screenshots: Main form: Healing form: Looter form:

Nsducttape - A library for interoperation between Mono and Apple's Objective C runtime

NSDuctTape provides a relatively frictionless (from the developer's perspective) way to interoperate between the Mono runtime and Apple's Objective C runtime. This is particularly useful because it allows GUIs defined in Cocoa to access classes defined as .NET classes. Currently, the interoperation is primarily one way from Objective C to .NET, but this arrangement is surprisingly functional due to the flexibility of applications like Interface Builder.

Twitterizer - .NET Twitter Interface

New WebsitePlease visit our website, Are you getting a lot of HTTP 401 error codes? Do your updates say "via Twitterizer"? That means you've been using Twitterizer Version 1 which uses BASIC authentication. BASIC Authentication has been scheduled for removal from Twitter for months. During the month of August, the hourly limit on the number of updates that is allowable from applications using BASIC authentication is to be lowered every day. On August 31, BASIC authenti

Fluorinefx - FluorineFx

Flex/Flash Remoting, Flex Data Services and real-time messaging functionality for the .NET framework Features Flex, Flash Remoting (RPC), Flex AMF Polling Flex Messaging Flex Data Services (partial) Supports AMF0, AMF3 and RTMP, RTMPT protocols Service Browser Template based code generator (ASP.NET like syntax) Real-time Messaging, Remote SharedObject support, Video streaming MSMQ integration Easily integrate rich Internet applications with .NET backend Easily integrate with Adobe Integrated Run

Tibiaapi - Open source application programming interface to ease the creation of programs interactin

TibiaAPI's GoalThe purpose of this software is to make development of programs interacting with the Tibia client faster, more reliable, and extensible. There has yet to be a fully open source API with the same goal as us, and of the open source code out there already ours differs completely. TibiaAPI is completely based on object-oriented principles, and will make development much easier and quicker for first time programmers and seasoned developers alike. The end result is a dynamic link librar


收集各种.NET开发源码,开发框架等资料。 欢迎大家一起分享

Pdfkeeper - PDF Document Storage for Small or Home Office

IntroductionPDFKeeper is a free, open source PDF document storage system that provides storage, indexing, and retrieval using the free Oracle Database Express Edition (Oracle Database XE). PDFKeeper is perfect for anyone who wants to implement a low cost PDF document storage system in a small or home office. It can be implemented for use on a single user system or in a workgroup. Getting StartedOnce PDFKeeper has been installed, please read the Getting Started Guide to help get you up and runnin

Query2object - An easy to use DAL Component for .NET 2.0 or upper version of .NET Framework

two new features published in Source,support mssqlserver2000 database and Mysql database 中文手册 What is Query2ObjectIt's a DAL Component.We don't care the relationship between the entity object,it just make a strong typed query and translate the result list to a strong typed list,it also can update some property of the entity object to many records in database if the records match the query conditions,and it also can do delete action like this. we all kown that,to use database,we must use

Myaddresslist - addresslist

Address List DotNetFramework 2.0+mdb Files