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Dotme is a domain tracker. It's written in C and has a web interface in PHP and a MySQL DB backend. Its purpose is to make domain management easier. With dotme you can easily add, modify and delete domains you handle.



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DOTX to DOCX Converter

DOTX to DOCX Converter converts Office Open XML templates (DOTX/DOTM) to Office Open XML documents (DOCX/DOCM). The program is an effective supplement to the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack, which cannot convert these files.

ASP.NET HTML5 Controls

DotM.Html5 is a library for ASP.NET in which html 5 controls are available for use. This control set contains new input type elements like 'email', 'number', etc. and new elements like 'section', 'nav', etc. introduced in HTML 5. Version 1.0 of DotM.HTML5 contains element...

dotme - dotme stuff

dotme stuff

dotme - my dot files

my dot files


Major mode for MATLAB dot-m files

dotx-to-docx-converter - Converts DOTX/DOTM files to DOCX/DOCM files

Converts DOTX/DOTM files to DOCX/DOCM files

dotme - A gem to handle dot files easily.

DotMe is a dot files management system for human beings plus a DSL to perform a computer setup with ease.


Objective C learning and tests


A .me Style Single Page Site

dotme - A .me Style Single Page Site

A .me Style Single Page Site

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