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Dotkit is a set of shell scripts, small quot;packagequot; files (dotkits), and an organizing plan to help you set up, modify, maintain, and understand a working Unix environment, for one person or for an entire site.



Related Projects

Dpkg-scripts - tools for packaging software in /usr/local using debs

dpkg-scripts is a packaging system rooted in /usr/local, built for the CHAOS Linux distribution. It is distinct from the native CHAOS RPM packaging. dpkg-scripts is designed to allow multiple versions of the same software to coexist and be selected by users using the dotkit environment, which is similar to environment-modules. It provides other features as well such as packaging for unit tests, default packages, package usage logging, snapshot builds, and sandbox testing. dpkg-scripts leverages

dpkg-dotkit - dotkit modifiedf or use with dpkg-scripts in /usr/local

dotkit modifiedf or use with dpkg-scripts in /usr/local