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A suite of three programs: dosunix: converts DOS text files to Unix text files; unixdos: converts Unix text files to DOS text files; chktxt: inspects a given file and determines whether it is in DOS or Unix text format (the common command 'file' retur



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Python-read-filepro - Python source to extract records created by the venerable filePro database pro

read_filepro for PythonPython source for extracting map, key, and data records from an ancient filePro database. Reads the raw files so a copy of filePro is not required. July 1, 2010 BackgroundRecently, I was asked to extract the data from over four hundred filePro databases created by an office over a nine year period. To hopefully spare someone else this hassle, I'm posting my findings and code. I copied 544mb in filePro stuff and ended up with 109mb in .CSV files. They were using filePro ver