Doris - OpenGL scripting

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Doris is a Lua script driven OpenGL viewer with GUI widget extensions. Lua is a fast, powerful, portable scripting language. Lua bindings are provided to OpenGL, GLUT, GLUI (a GL widget library) and Luasocket (networking).



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Moodbs - Mood Based Navigation Shoe

Mood Based Navigation ShoePrototype of a novel context sensitive serviceRoland Haring <haring.roland (at)> Otto Naderer <polylux (at)> Doris Zachhuber <doris.zachhuber (at)> Please download Version 1.0.4 of Source and Installers. Other versions do not work or install properly probably ... PaperA paper describing the project can be found here: presentation:

Mashup-dsredmailbox-doris-overlay - mash Doris Overlay

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Adore-doris - Automated DORIS Environment (adore) is a set of bash scripts to ease use of TU-DELFT&#

ADORE stands for Automated DORIS Environment. It is developed at the University of Miami Geodesy Group, to help researchers generate interferograms with ease. Just like DORIS it is an open source project and it comes with the same license. ADORE can not do anything that DORIS doesn't, it's only a simplified user interface. Important Note: ADORE does not come with DORIS. It is 100% compatible with DORIS version 4.2. You can download the latest DORIS version at:

Libsquish - Open source DXT compression library.

squishNewsWe've moved! So far there have been just a few minor edits since version 1.10, check the issues for the planned changes. Update: squish 1.11 is available, which is exactly the same as squish 1.10 but has contributed project files for vs8 and vs9. All other changes have been deferred to 1.12. FeaturesThe squish library (abbreviated to libsquish) is an open source DXT compression library written in C++ with the following features: Supports the DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5 formats. Optimised for b

Vrliu - engineering drawing vectorization, graphics recognition, and performance evaluation

This is the extended version on PC (MS Windows) of the previous Machine Drawing Understanding System (MDUS) developed by Dr. Liu Wenyin ( as part of his PhD thesis using the methods published in the following papers. You may select appropriate papers to cite if you wish to use our code. Liu Wenyin and D. Dori, “Object-Process Based Graphics Recognition Class Library: Principles and Applications�, Software: Practice and Experience. Vol. 29, No. 15, pp. 1355-1378, 19

Workinprogress - Vampire 2D Isometric Game

Senior Project Spring 2009 ROLES: Program Lead: Steven (Tsoi) Artist Lead: Doris (Andrew) Project Lead: Tsoi (Doris) Story Lead: Andrew (Steven) Music Lead: Doris (Tsoi) 1st GOAL: Design Document by end of January. MEETINGS: Every Monday at 6PM, Marston Library, 3rd Floor

Mybnm - O solutie usor de utilizat de curs valutar pentru webmasteri.

MyBNM MyBNM vine ca o solutie pentru proprietarii de pagini web care nu stiu programare, dar ar dori sa includa afisarea cursurilor valutare pe pagina lor. Cu toate acestea, MyBNM presupune mai multe servicii: Afisharea cursului valutar Convertirea valutei Analiza schimbarii cursului valutar etc.

Yutta - Utf-8 concordance validator

A course project designed to illustrate the use of the Aho Corasick algorithm for exact matching of a set of strings. The application domain is matching valid Utf-8 sequences, so the automaton is actually used for byte sequences rather than strings. This program uses the Dori&Landau variant of the AC Automaton, which is implemented on top of the Ternary Search Tree of Bentley and Sedgewick. The program considers sequences of bytes between valid utf-8 sequences to be corruptions, and it prints th

doris - DORIS: A Database of Research in Science

DORIS: A Database of Research in Science

doris - The bounty of the sea

The bounty of the sea