DOOR - Digital Open Object Repository

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DOOR (Digital Open Object Repository) is a free learning object repository implementing IMS metadata and content package specifications. It's usefull to all organizations producing, storing and reusing digital learning contents.



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Zefania XML Bible Markup Language

No PRISM. No Surveillance. No Government Back Doors. You Have our Word on it.

OpenMotics - Home Automation Software

OpenMotics is an open source home automation software. It helps to personalize your home by setting a different mood for each occasion, Multi-room heating plan, Power measurement right in your fuse box, Control virtually any type of lighting, Open/close electric doors, Control electric gates, Real-time data from each sensor, Detect heavy power consumers and lot more.

GAC Suite of BBS Doors

Gac_Software. - All the GAC doors for bbs use.


CloseTheDoor indentifies all the listening ports TCP/UDP over IPv4/v6 and the associated program files. This will help you to detect security holes and close backdoors when you want to prevent remote attacks.


A pure perl BBS package with a full web interface to ALL aspects of the BBS, including planned web support for most/all door games.


Magstripper is a magnetic card reader and decoder that takes raw waveform information from a magnetic audio head (soldered directly to a mono audio jack) and processes it via a mic input. It also includes a multi-user door lock access control system.

The Clans BBS Door Game

The Clans was a popular game written for online BBSes back in the day of their great popularity. It is a text-based game featuring inter-BBS communications. It was written initially for Turbo C++, but has been ported to gcc and MSVC

Nfcdoorlock - NFC door lock/access control

NFC Door LockThis project is for a simple nfc based door lock using distributable certificates and signing. Mobile Door Key application developed for Android, Door Lock developed on Beagleboard xM using Angstrom, ACR122u NFC reader, USB Relay and 12V AC door lock. This project is intended for a simple way for people to replace their home door lock with an NFC capable one. Please see the Wiki for more information.

Gnuklub-532door - gnu klub door

A very simple PLT Scheme program and C driver that communicates with PIC RFID based electronic door lock. Planned features: web admin form and web login.