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The Doodle project aims to provide a language to easily describe Origami diagrams and produces a ready-to-print document. Doodle will free creators from diagramming constraints and increase their capability to share their creations.



Related Projects

Psijump - A Doodle Jump Clone for the PSP

PSiJump is a Doodle Jump Clone ( ) for the PSP.

Embeddednode - Overview of Uly's code

IntroductionWelcome to here, I am Uly from Taiwan. There is a doodle place to me in high-level programming language. You could write a letter to me which let me know if my doodle is value to you, thanks.

Pydoodler - Drawing software

This software allows the user to draw in different colors.

Jchdoodles - just some doodles

Just some doodles dude

Activedoodle - Java wrapper for communicating with the API

Active DoodleThese classes provide a simple, object oriented way to create, update and vote for polls hosted at the platform using Java. Dependenciesoauth-signpost lib One of the HTTP libraries that can be used with oauth-signpost (see supported HTTP Libraries) Set up1. DownloadYou can download source from svn repos and dependencies or the last version Jar but you couldn't edit source in this case 2. Implement two simple methodsEver

Thenoodleproject - The Noodle Project

An easy-to-use web survey tool written in PHP and MySQL...

Dudejs - MVC JavaScript Framework

Based on jQuery the Dude is kind of an Interface between the Browser JavaScript App and the REST-Server. Originally produced for and open sourced to improve the framework.

Pawel-nlp-ml-dm - Attempts to tame natural language processing, machine learning and data mining

Perl, R and C code that deals with different NLP, ML or DM problems (information extraction, feature selection, text categorization and text classification). Doodle. Mostly for personal use. More at the project's Wiki pages.