Don't Panic!

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Don't want to get busted by your boss or your teacher playing Solitaire, chatting or surfing the web? Close (hide or minimize) and open multiple programs with the click of a button. So you won't have to panic anymore...



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Data-bank - A program desined to make simple databases(Shelf/data-list)

A app to make Simple databases no tables No formats/formating Just the database(Shelf/data-list).This is a bit like a dictionary or an index. Status: New gui interface is ready NewsSept. 14, 2011Finally done! It works and it has a nice interface! try it I will be releasing for mac as well so don't panic!!!

Js-arch-core - JavaScript Architecture Core

This is a simple, lightweight modular architecture for dynamic, scalable JavaScript applications, built on jQuery. Applications are created by creating modules, which are tied to an element and may only access their element and child elements. Modules can only communicate by passing signals (with related data), which other modules may or may not listen for. Here's a simple example of a module that's attached to elements with the class 'button' which is destroyed when clicked: Core.createModule('

Freelink - Freelink is an open-source Uplink-alike hacking game

In the game, the player assumes the role of a hacker breaking into computer systems world-wide, bouncing his connection off relay stations to avoid detection. This mechanism is highly stylized, following movie-like hacking conventions of, example, "crack" or "trace someuser". There is a storyline in the works as well. The game is written using the D programming language and uses SDL. Depends on: GDC 0.24 or DMD SDL 1.12 Tested on: ArchLinux Don't Panic

Chato - Chat log central

Short descriptionChato aims to simplify, centralize and unify chat logs, providing a simple but complete API that any chat program can use. Current statusIt's not ready to work at all for now, but the developer (currently only me) is trying to make a working version with basic features as soon as possible. For now it should be full of bugs, or not working at all, so don't panic. Project goalsStorage pluginsThe system for saving the logs is plugin-based. This means that by following the storage p

Don't Panic Labs - Service Helpers

Service Helpers simplifies using WCF in a service oriented software system. Service Helpers makes working with WCF as easy as using any dependency injection framework.

Buddyface - BuddyFace - Video Chat on your phone

You like your Android phone, and you can't find a really good and easy to use Video Chat application like FaceTime? Don't panic, BuddyFace is coming!

Lurc - Simple lightweight irc client

lurc is a X11 (X Window System) IRC client derived from xchat 1.0 using the GTK+ toolkit Requirements: - A UNIX computer (Works on Linux, may work on others) and C compiler (gcc) - X11 (X Window System) - cmake ( - GTK+ 1.2.0+ (this is available at - If you need the source, here are direct links to it. Most distributions should include gtk+ and glib 1.2.x

Mateogodlike - PS3/PSP/iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad Console Projects by MateoGodlike at www.MateoGodlike.c

Please visit and Star My Project I do take requests for DOS Games. I don't want a whole list. Send me an Email at Please send download links (Non-Torrents). The reason I can not download torrents is because my ISP is subject to cancel my service for violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act if I continue to download illegal files. They will be either shareware/FreeWare/AbandonWare or Full Versions. No longer DEMOS. DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND REUPLOAD. SO

Jpamock - Setup your database mocking @Entity

JPAMock coming soonHibernateMock has gone The best way to setup your JPA mapped database It cares about all kinds of constraints (primary keys, nullability, unique, foreign keys, etc) Retrieve the object tree to do asserts (mock frameworks like) Fancy way to test Criteria and HQL Easier than traditional xml database fixtures Don't concern at test time about persist/merge issues like: IdentifierGenerationException, TransientObjectException, ConstraintViolationException, PropertyValueException Con

Rmv - RMV - A XDGed ReMoVe command for modern, average desktop LINUX/UNIX users.

RMV /remove/ Usage: rmv [OPTIONS...] [FILE...] or rmv OPTION Move FILEs into the 'Desktop Trash' basket rather than permanently remove it. This simple BASH script allows you to use the basic functionalities of a 'trash basket' in the commandline. RMV can be considered as one implementation to the Desktop Trash Spec( - a.k.a XDG), and of course, co-works well with the common GUI file managers like Nautilus, Thunar, Konqueror, etc(literally ANY file managers