The DragonFly Project

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The Net counts myriad developer tools. But they represent as many islands of automation. The goal of this project is to provide the (long-seeked) cement that binds them together. Focus is (for now) on C/C++, Perl, documentation, and build environments.



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Dd-ci-ddauth - ddauth - Dragonfly Development CodeIgniter Auth Add-on

ddauth - Dragonfly Development's CodeIgniter Auth Add-onOverviewThe ddauth add-on for CodeIgniter is intended to be a flexible authentication library focussing almost entirely on the problem of creating a secure authentication ticket and attempts to place as few restrictions as possible on the application using it. The primary purpose for writing this library was the fact that many of the existing CodeIgniter authentication systems were either too complicated to implement easily, required too mu

Pyspeech - Python speech recognition and text-to-speech module for Windows is a Python module that provides a clean interface to Windows's voice recognition and text-to-speech capabilities. It's very easy to use within a program that needs to listen for specific phrases or general speech, or that needs to speak. It is available on PyPI at . Questions? You can contact Michael Gundlach, the developer, at gundlach at gmail. Or, just file a bug under "Issues" above. Example codeHere's a very simple program that repeats