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The DERI Ontology Management Environment (DOME) is developed by the Ontology Management Working Group (OMWG). The aim is to provide tooling support for Editing amp; Browsing, Versioning amp; Evolution as well as Mapping amp; Merging.



Related Projects

Geodome -- geodesic dome design program

A small suite of programs to help you design a geodesic dome.

Distro Astro - Linux Distribution for Astronomers

Distro Astro has features for almost all astronomy use—from observatories, planetariums, and professional researchers, to astrophotographers and amateur enthusiasts. The INDI Library built into Distro Astro provides telescope control for the most common telescopes from Meade, Celestron, Orion, and other major telescope brands. Nightshade is an advanced planetarium software for fish-eye dome projections developed by planetarium provider Digitalis Education.

Webgl-nature-scene - Realistic nature scene presentation using WebGL

The Cloudy-Mountains lie, See the Chille-River pass by, Like a big dome is the sky, Covering the prairie nigh. The lofty sky is deeply blue, The vast wildness not seen through. The wind lowering grass in green, Sheep and cattle are easily seen. ---- A folk rhyme from the North-Dynasty, China IntroductionThis is a technical demo based upon NVIDIA's Nature demo project. It is an effort to integrate some interesting shader based rendering techniques to present realistic-looking nature scene on web

Filippo - Augmented Reality Drawing Application

This application uses augmented reality to make it easier for people to draw a picture. All you need is a computer, a webcam and a printed marker. You place the marker at the corner of the canvas or paper you want to draw on, upload the picture you want to draw, then look through the webcam using the transparent picture as a guide to drawing. The name Filippo comes from Filippo Brunellschi who designed the dome of Florence's famous cathedral. It was Brunellschi who invented linear perspective us

P3d - Simple 3D engine for racing simulator game

Main PurposeThe main purpose of the project is an educational one. I want to learn how to write complete racing simulator game with no-so-good-but-ok physics and graphics. Goals and Intended FeaturesGPU-friendly terrain rendering. Sky dome and dynamic time of day change. Some sort of atmospheric effects. Acceptable car physics (the accuracy of the simulation is not the main concern of this project). Scripting support through embedded Stackless Python. GuidelinesClean OOP structure. Extensibility

Talon - Observatory Control Software

Talon is a a fully automated open-source solution for automated telescope and observatory control. Talon controls all aspects of robotic astronomical observations, including telescope control, dome control, image processing, scheduled operations, and envi


Software to control a remote telescope via a web interface. Includes software needed to operate a motorized dome, telescope, and cameras.This project has been partially funded by a grant from the Northwest Academic Computing Consortium.

Auto Masonry

A Blender python script which automatically creates masonry and stonework. Think castles and cobblestone streets! v0.56 is usable and available at the Download page. Current version supports windows, doors, radial, and domes.

Chimera-summer-2010 - A site for the chimera summer 2010 group

Chimera is a client-server application written in Python. Currently Chimera is operated via a command-line interface (CLI). By issuing various commands via the CLI one can remotely control a telescope and many of it's associated features, such as the dome, CCD's focuser's, etc. Chimera has already been used to photograph the M25 cluster from the SUNY Oswego campus in Oswego, NY using a telescope in Minas Gerais, Brazil. This summer (summer 2010) Prof. Shashi Kanbur (SUNY Oswego) will be taking s