dom4j: flexible XML framework for Java

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dom4j is a simple and flexible open source library for working with XML, XPath and XSLT on the Java platform using the Java Collections Framework with full integration with DOM, SAX and JAXP.



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swan is a suite of Java-based tools for working with XML. The focus is on a hybridized model that blends pattern-based and event-based models for XML processing, as well as supporting the leading tree-based models (DOM, JDOM, dom4j, XOM, etc.).

Lang4j - Lightweight Toolkit to support the creation of external languages in Java

lang4j is a tool that makes it easy to add support for custom DSLs to your java programs. It supports the creation of a parser and a DOM-representation from a single, labeled BNF description. lang4j uses the venerable ANTLR tool to generate the actual parser. Apart from the parser a renderer, that takes DOM-instances and renders them to the language, a dot formatted class diagram of the DOM, and a template for unit testing is created. The best way of getting started is looking at the UserListTut

Dump4j - Simple, customizeable library, which allows logging any types of object (otherwise said, du

Library has customizeable architecture. Default implementation uses java reflection api to retrieve object's fields, dom4j for transforming this data to writeable form (XML), and log4j to log the data. Library usage is 3 lines of code, actually:getFactory()factory.getDump() or factory.getDump(Class cl) (done to provide correct logging via log4j)dump.dump(object);

Js4query - A fork branch of the popular jQuery JS framework with the aim of providing a cleaner api

4query (codenamed) is a JavaScript framework derived from jQuery. The aim is to provide jQuery with a cleaner API and more open stance towards things that could enhance the framework. As well as an extended core set of optional modules rather than promoting widespread segregated plugins.

Keggview - viewer and editor of Kegg pathways

DescriptionViewer and editor of Kegg pathways based on xml files taken from TechnologyFor project has been choosen technology: Java 1.6.0 Eclipse 3.3 Europa GMF dom4j

Ftpscan - FTP Scan allows to scan recursively FTP directories and generate list of files in XML and

FTP Scan allows to scan recursively FTP directories and generate list of files in XML and HTML format. HTML output can be customized by editing XSLT stylesheet. Download FTP Scan 0.9 Examples: generated HTML file generated XML file Libraries used: Jakarta Commons Net (FTP protocol) Jakarta ORO (required for Jakarta Commons Net) Jakarta Commons CLI (command line parsing) dom4j (XML processing) Log4j (logging) Copyright 2007 Nikolai Holub (nikolai.holub at

Box4j - open api for java

this is the java version of open api. Note, you need the following libraries to run box4j. commons-httpclient dom4j log4j commons-codec commons-logging junit if you want to run test code. Tutorial Document any questions? problems? concerns? issues? let me know:) Jimmy Jia version 1.3.0 released! add 'simple' parameter to get_account_tree add get_account_info function

Radiance DomProfiler

There exist many implementations of XML parsers that create DOM. The Radiance DomProfiler parses an XML file and builds a DOM from a handful of available parsers - CRIMSON, DOM4J, JDOM, SPARTA, XOM, XERCES, XPP - to compare time taken and memory used.

Orange-j - A Set of tools for Javascript, jQuery, and Firebug

A set of lightweight components to enable rich Javascript web applications. What's new about that? The way we do it, the ease of it all. I promise! Tutorial now available for core Snippet features 2.4 released! (more features - see updates) 2.4+ compatible with jQuery 1.6 2.4.2 - beta available for download! (packed version is 29k!) Minor tweaks + added $('finder, url, empty').urlParse('attrName') converts the parameters in a url string into an object (now ads