Dolphin Project

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The Dolphin Project is intended to be a research project aggregating tools related to Open Source Satisfiability Solver tools and tools related to them like Bounded Model Checkers and Software Verifiers.



Related Projects

Sad-emadn - Study Assisted Developement - Embedded Mono and .NET

This project consists of small tech demo's made to explore the possibility of running Mono assembly's on .NET Compact Framework (Windows Mobile devices) and basic functionality of Honeywell assembly's under .NET for (our test device) Dolphin 9900. It was developed for academical purposes at School of Technology in Seinäjoki (FRAMI), Finland by two exchange students from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FERI) in Maribor, Slovenia under mentor Kimmo Salmenjoki. Any one is w

linpulse is a simple keycounter for Linux, similar to the old Project Dolphin "pulse" clie

linpulse uses the kernel's /dev/input/eventX mechanism to count keystrokes (it can also log them, hence I suggest that you compile binaries for this yourself rather than accepting them from anyone whom you do not trust). It both writes your keystroke count and some running averages to a file (/var/keycounter by default, configurable), as well as stores the values by either passing them to a pulse web service (provided by a pulse.php script), or storing them in a local sqlite database. linpulse i

Dolphin7-applications - Dolphin 7 Community Builder Business Developers

Business developers for Dolphin 7 Community Builder. This project is intended to share information and configuration recommendations, code and "best practices" for making this product work in a real world business or community environment. It is also hoped that members of this project will be able to cooperatively help on each other's projects.

Project-dolphin - Vehicle tracking system utilizing location-based services of the Google Android pl

Project Dolphin is a vehicle tracking system which utilizes the location-based services of the Google Android platform.

Pcsx2-russian-translation - Russian translation for PCSX2/Dolphin emulators

Russian translation for PCSX2 and Dolphin emulators. Don't even ask why the project namespace is...

Dolphin-playground - Dolphin Emu changes by Dpro patches

WelcomeWelcome on the Dolphin Emu 's modifications by applying Dpro's patches, developed mostly by DPro's Team Originally developed by F|RES & ector, Dolphin Emu is an open source Wii/Gamecude Emulator under GPL 2.0, for more informations please visit the main Dolphin Emu website. You will found here some patches who deal with small or new features/modifications, some of them are waiting to be implemented on the official Dolphin Emu project. Each patches will be :- updated for the next RC/Stable

Ruthgcx - A trial project to figure out how Google Code works

Ruth is an administrative assistant. I like flowers, wild ones, elephants, dolphins and the sunshine. I enjoy when i am good at something. I just experienced two once in a life time moments. I kissed a dolphin and i attended a spice girls concert.