LINQPad driver for DataObjects.Net

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LINQPad driver for DataObjects.Net



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MongoLP - A LinqPad Driver

A MongoDB LinqPad driver that uses the official C# driver from 10gen. Uses 10gen driver, FluentMongo and MongoRepository

Code for Rapid C# Windows Development eBook + LINQPad and Data Tools

The worked example in Joseph Chancellor's book 'Rapid C# Windows Development' which uses LLBLGen Pro with the Adventure Works database. It also contains an Enumerable Debugger Visualizer, Databound TreeView control, LINQPad DataEditor, Data Browser and LLBL Data Context driver.

LINQPad OpenAccess ORM driver

This project aims to provide a .Net 4.0 LINQPad driver for Telerik's OpenAccess ORM.

Linqpadvisualizer - LINQPad Debugger Visualizer

A Microsoft Visual Studio debugger visualizer that uses LINQPAD Dump functionSo, what is this? I love LINQPad ( and especially like it's Dump extension method, which formats any object very nicely. Wouldn't it be great to have something like this in Visual Studio? Well, here is my first simple try. I'm using a hack from Mole Project to get around the limitation of VS debugger visualizers that only allow you to have a visualizer be tied to a certain type. ChangesVersion 1.

LinqPad Data Context Driver for SharePoint 2010

The SharePoint Data Context Driver for LinqPad makes it easer for SharePoint 2010 Developers to develop, maintain and just play around with Linq To SharePoint statements via LinqPad. It is developed in C# and enables SharePoint 2010 Support to LinqPad.

ShaderPad - WPF ShaderEffects Workbench

ShaderPad is a application like XamlPad / LinqPad , it is meant to server as WPF ShaderEffects Workbench. The ShaderEffect is a PixelShader based Effect that an be applied to any UIElement in WPF. This feature is available only in .NET 3.5 SP1 .

MongoDb Linqpad Driver via NoRM

Implements a Linqpad DataContextDriver that allows to query MongoDb using LINQPad. This Driver implements the necessary glue code to connect LINQPad with the User's Entities and the NoRM Library which does the heavy lifting.


Web scripting extension methods. Screen scraping etc. Very useful for LINQPad and the like.


parse logs with LINQ