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DOINS, or DOINS Is Not Slashdot, is a web-based information and news service in the spirit of Slashdot, only not-quite-so-advanced... yet.



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Eyepain - WordPress plugin to prevent eyeache comments

Eye Pain is a free GNU / GPL community plugin that will filter all your 'HOYGAN' / 'HOWYA' comments, to prevent and censore some pain for you and your visitors eyes. Examples: HOWYA DOIN BRO? HOYGAN K SE ASE XA EMBIAR UN IMAIL?

Inteallsomdu - duuhhh

wt r u doin here? are you even supposed to be here? huh? are you? Naha, i dont think so yea? so just GO ok? this is my stuff so just... anyway this is one of the hypersin hongkong if u wanted to kno xD just so u know this might be a virus so just be carefull when downloading! yea ? take care !

Pawanshah285 - my ideas

Before i proceed i say little about myself....well i m pawan shah done graduation from calcutta university n concurrently done software engineering from NIIT... This is a project for all the user who have no idea about the Google code....THIS IS A SIMPLE SITE hi every body how u r doin

Omegle - Nice!

You: Hi Stranger: hi Stranger: what you doin? You: NOT DRUGS! You: How are you doing? - Stranger: great Stranger: chillin Stranger: fine You: Do you know the little pony down street? Stranger: u You: Fine too thanks ^^ Stranger: no... You: You MUST be gay then Stranger: what does that mean? Stranger: pony down the street You: The green flower doesn't heard you anymore Stranger: ooooohh Stranger: youre retarded like everyone else here Stranger: why didnt you say so You: Tardlicious <3 Stranger: :

C-sharp-dungeon - A text-based RPG, made for all platforms

C# DungeonWhat is this?This should be a completely text-based Role-playing-game with very innvovative features such as a "good/evil" scale, a tech-tree for each character class, also depending on the good/evil-scale and much more. The game behaves strange on some rev's. What shall i do?We're always grateful for users who report us bugs, but please keep in mind some versions, labeled "Stbl-Unstable" are for debugging and "behind-the-scenes" code optimisazion. Do not report things like "game behav

Joey - How you doin'

How you doin'

dotfiles - Everyone's doin' it: Dotfiles

Everyone's doin' it: Dotfiles