Dogfood-A Complete Groupware/CRM System

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Dogfood is an opensource Groupware/CRM browser based system based on the wonderful phprojekt project. The biggest changes we've made are to trash the existing phprojekt mail module and wrote one from scratch. We've also tightened up relationships.



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Semantic-dogfood - A Drupal module for publishing RDF data from a triple store

A Drupal module for publishing RDF data from a triple store. Developed for the Semantic Web Dog Food server.

Easyspec - A Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Specification Framework written in Groovy

Easy SpecEasySpec uses annotations to define the unit of interest, context, and behaviors for BDD-style specifications. Because there is no test runner, you are free to use your favorite. We are currently dogfood-ing this with Groovy and Java test runners. Specifically, we're using the GroovyTestCase on our Groovy projects and JUnit 4 with our Java projects. Easy Spec is independent of the testing framework. Latest NewsDocumentation has been greatly extended (12/16/2008) Examples are complete an

Rinject - Rinject - Runtime Injection

RinjectRinject is a Java solution for Runtime injection. The project currently is under development, and for personal use only. If you have any interest in this project, you can contact me. SampleInterface Food & Animal describe the abstract layer of the system. @RinjectBase("food")public interface Food {}@RinjectBase("animal")public interface Animal {\tboolean eat(Food food);}Now we have two sub-system: Cat & Dog. Cat only eat fish, while Dog only eat Bone. @RinjectConcrete("cat")public class C

J2bugzilla - An API for interacting with Bugzilla via Java

J2Bugzilla : The Java Bugzilla APIVersion 2.0 Now AvailableVersion 2.0 includes bug fixes to the BugSearch class, the removal of hard-coded priority and status information from the Bug class, the introduction of attachment support, and several other miscellaneous fixes. It is available from the Maven central repositories and the downloads page. We are also pleased to announce that J2Bugzilla is being used by a sample OSLC adapter created by the members of the Eclipse Lyo project to illustrate in

Rchi-zui - ZoomWorld in Python, inspired by Jef Raskin

Corey's zuiMost of the time I've spent developing The Zui (aka tzui) has been on design. I've had the basic idea of how a zui should work for several years now (see our ZUI specification) but I've had to make some compromises as I cranked out the code. So currently it's rather rudimentary, but it nevertheless gives you a glimpse of the possibilities. Just be warned that it's still buggy despite the simplicity of the architecture. It uses the Opioid2D framework, which is an excellent interface to

Django-swingtime - Scheduling and calendar app

django-swingtimeDescriptionSwingtime is a Django application similar to a stripped down version of iCal for Mac OS X or Google Calendar. Swingtime provides an Event model that acts as a metadata container for one or more Occurrence objects, which in turn describe start and end times for a specific occurrence of an event. Swingtime relies heavily upon both the datetime standard library package and the dateutil package, featuring direct support for the dateutil.rrule interface to create occurrence

Another-coldfusion-blog - Another ColdFusion blog application

I think the title says it all. A simple, customisable, blogging app for CF. Currently in development, though I am eating my own dogfood with this code inside my corporate firewall. Supports: versioning multiple blogs per host RSS (Atom coming soon) FCKEditor (wiki syntax coming soon) CF (and Railo) search engine integration Admin Also includes a crude (at the moment) wiki, supporting a similar syntax to the Google code wiki, based off MoinMoin. It is built on top of the cfRhino framework, includ

eatingYourOwnDogfood - COHAA Presentation - Eating Your Own Dogfood

COHAA Presentation - Eating Your Own Dogfood

firefoxos-dogfood - A feedback server for Firefox OS dogfooders at Telefónica Digital

A feedback server for Firefox OS dogfooders at Telefónica Digital