Dodo, the programming language

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Dodo is a programming language. Dodo is object oriented. Dodo is concurrent. Dodo is developed for people interested in programming languages. Dodo is not developed for general programming at this stage. Long live dodo.



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DodoCAD is a Free suite of AutoLISP and VBA tools for AutoCAD. It simplifies the typical configuration and editing tasks required in the Architectural/Engineering practice.

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A little python script to generate domain 1 picture of WRF.Dependencies: numpy, matplotlib, mpl_toolkits.basemapExample:

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Welcome to 197website Project's homepageWhat's 197website?197website is a fully functional CMS (Content Managing System) for a class in school. It is easy to use and manage. It's there a demo?See here for a demo. It's using by my class. Who's writing this?My name is Chih-Wei Fang. I'm a junior high student. It's full of Chinese! Where's English?It's base structure is bad to do i18n (internationalization). So I'm writing a ner version that's better to do i18n. Download Time!Stable-Version197websi

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This is KensCafe Application Project.