Debs on Demand

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Debs on Demand incrementally creates and maintains mirrors of apt repositories based on access patterns.



Related Projects


NITRO is a full-fledged, extensible library solution for reading and writing the National Imagery Transmission Format (NITF), a U.S. DoD standard format. It is written in cross-platform C, with bindings available for other languages.

Dod-rge - a game framework named dod~

a simple game framework or a game engine. include dod for psp�rge for psp�ruby for psp etc. coding with c++�c and c#

Database-on-demand - Database on Demand Project

This project is aimed at providing a web-based interface to creating a user-defined, processed protein sequence database based on the UniProtKB protein sequence databases SwissProt and TrEMBL. The live web page can be found at The project was supported by the BBSRC Tools and Resources grant 'Database on Demand' (BB/F016255/1).

Jsdap - JavaScript DAP Client

This is a Data Access Protocol ( client implemented in Javascript. Why? Think AJAX. Think rich web clients showing data from THREDDS servers. Think previewing data in your browser via a Canvas/SVG interface. Check out the ReadMe or the ChangeLog. Author: Roberto De Almeida <>

Pydap - Python implementation of the Data Access Protocol

This is an implementation of the Data Access Protocol ( written from scratch in Python. It features a client to access remote datasets and a server written as a WSGI application. The official homepage is located at, and the code is available through a Mercurial repository. Releases are available from the Python cheeseshop:

Cosmoclan - solution pour site de clan

cosmoCLAN est un projet de création d'un nouveau CMS pour site de clan (team du jeux) dans un premier dédié à Day of Defeat Source. cosmoCLAN is a french project of a new CMS for clan site (game team). In the first time it will be dedicated for Day of Defeat Source. nous rendre visite / visit us :

Atv-forensics - Forensics patchstick for the Apple TV

Apple TV forensics patchstick, first released at the DoD Cyber Crime Conference 2010.

Federated Intelligence Network

The Federated Intelligence Network,, is a collection of web based portals for emergency management. The system provides for a unified national and international medium for document management, workflow, collaboration and information sharing. The system is design...