Docutils: Documentation Utilities

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Utilities for general- and special-purpose documentation, including autodocumentation of Python modules. Includes reStructuredText, the easy to read, easy to use, what-you-see-is-what-you-get plaintext markup language.



Related Projects


reStructuredText defines amp; implement a markup syntax for use in Python docstrings and other documentation domains, that is readable amp; simple, yet powerful. Project inactive. Development taken over by Docutils,

Docstring Processing System

A modular system for extracting and converting Python docstrings into useful structured formats like HTML, XML, and TeX. Project inactive. Development taken over by Docutils,

Rstsuite - RST Documents with Style

rstsuite wraps docutils' rst2html converter and adds tools like for instance an index-generator.

Django-autodoc - Build HTML version from the django documentation in reStructuredText

Autodoc is a python script that allows you to build a HTML version of the django documentation (available in reStructured text). It requires : docutils, to tranform restructuredtext file in HTML via rst2html PySVN, to grab the documention on django's svn repository django-autodoc is now hosted here :

Docpicture - Alternative to Python help() enabling viewing of embedded pictures

Because a picture is worth a thousand words docpicture's goal is to enable embedding pictures inside Python docstrings using some custom domain specific language (dsl). docpicture includes a plugin architecture enabling users to extend it by adding new dsl parsers. docpicture's directives use a syntax similar to docutils directives which should make it easier to port features from one to the other.

Odt2rst - Convert OpenOffice .odt file to reStructuredText .rst file.

The goal is to be able to convert Open Document produced with Open Office (.odt files) into reStructuredText file (.rst files). In particular to convert back the .odt files produced by rst2odt into .rst files. To let people review and modify .rst file using OpenOffice.

Docart - DOCutils ascii ART

Docutils backend for "Ascii Art" output and its frontend.

Tevisa - Converts reStructuredText documents into pdf presentations using the Powerdot LaTeX class

Tevisa converts reStructuredText documents into pdf presentations using the Powerdot LaTeX class The name Tevisa comes from 'Tévisa' which means 'to show' in the Myéné language

Rst2xaml - reStructured Text to Xaml writer

A XAML writer from reStructured Text source documents. The goal is to be able to write out FlowDocument XAML from rest documents for use in WPF and Silverlight / Moonlight projects. It includes a Pygments formatter for outputting a syntax highlighted XAML representation of source code. rst2xaml itself runs under CPython, but the generated XAML is intended for use from IronPython (or any other .NET language). There is an example IronPython script for displaying the generated XAML using a WPF Flow

Diplomprint - DiplomPrint project

Проект печати дипломов и приложенийСхема бизне�-проце��ов (.png) И�пользуемые ин�трументы: Интерпретатор Python 2.6.1 Библиотека дл� СУБД PostgreSQL psycopg2-2.0.8 (psycopg2-2.0.8.win32-py2.6-pg8.3.4-release.exe) Библиотека дл� СУБД Oracle (cx_Oracle-5.0.1-10g.win32-py2.6.msi) Docutils (docutils-0.5.tar.gz) Фреймворк Django 1.0 (Django-1.