migrations - Doctrine Database Migrations Library

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Doctrine Database Migrations Library




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Mysql-workbench-doctrine-plugin - plugin to create YAML schemes out of MySQL Workbench for the doctr

This plugin will be discarded in favour of the http://github.com/johmue/mysql-workbench-schema-exporter projectThere are plenty of reasons, why I will discard the LUA plugin. 1. I'm a PHP developer and LUA is a pain for me, as it retains me from implementing good ideas. The second effect is, that users dealing with Doctrine are PHP users and not LUA, which might help to find people to contribute. 2. My vision is a pluggable solution, where users can generate models for different tools (Symfony,

Cvphplib - A php library suiting my personal needs

AboutThis library started in the Summer of 2008 and is still in an early stage. This library has two aims. Firstly, it bundles small and simple re-usable functions that I use regularly, such as functions to work on 2-dimensional arrays. Secondly, it features new solutions to more complex but common problems, that other libraries or frameworks did not solve in a way I was looking for. Part of this library may depend on the Zend Framework. This library uses simpletest for unit testing. ComponentsO

Sf2doc-cn - Symfony2中文文档

Symfony2中文文档快速入门通过一组快速入门教程,马上开始使用Symfony2 : Symfony2概况 > 视图 > 控制器 > 整体架构 开�指�下�的开�指�会带您深入了解Symfony2的方方��: 模�: Twig | PHP | ��门 Doctrine: DBAL | ORM | Migrations | MongoDB Testing: Overview | Configuration | Crawler | Client | Recipes Validation: Overview | Validation | Constraints Forms: Overview | Templates Security: Overview | Users | Authentication | Authorization

migration - Simple migrations for Doctrine DBAL

Simple migrations for Doctrine DBAL

Zfsecurity - A drop-in security module for any zend framework application

Jan 6, 2009: Archived This project is/was just a proof of concept, a way to demonstrate the "current state" of modularity and distribution within the Zend Framework. I am no longer going to be working on this, as updates to the framework are slowly making this obsolete (like Zend_Tool). I will leave this up, for archival purposes, so feel free to download / try out the code. It should at least offer a good starting point for those new to zend framework and ACL. But I will not be responding to an

ContainerAwareMigration - A Doctrine migration that's Symfony-container aware

A Doctrine migration that's Symfony-container aware


Wrapper for DoctrineMigrationsBundle that enables container aware migrations

migrationDoctrine - Tool to easily generate Symfony Doctrine migrations class using fabric and git

Tool to easily generate Symfony Doctrine migrations class using fabric and git