doctrine-website - Source code for the Doctrine website.

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Source code for the Doctrine website.



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Minimalfw - Combining usual php libraries to get a minimal framework for "small" websites

php libraries : twig (template engine symfony yaml component ( modified lessphp ( using blueprint like grid ( Doctrine ORM (

Evd-website - EVD-Website

What is EVD-WebsiteEVD-Website is the source code of the United Pentecostal Church Philippines Incorporated - Eastern Visayas District (EVD). Its goal is to spread the Whole Gospel to the Whole World by the Whole Church. This project was sanctioned by EVD Presbyter Rev. Amado M. Perez during the Youth Camp of 2011. Technology Being UsedCodeIgniter PHP Framework Doctrine Project for PHP Persistence Libraries Smarty Template Engine for PHP ResourcesSource Code Control GoogleGroup

Symfony-ecommerce-project - ecommerce platform for symfony framework

The goal of this project is to build a platform that would allow you build a ecommerce website in no time or integrate it to an existing website for symfony framework! The plan in to build a platform that will suit all situation Plugin for existing applicaiton addons management for the platform full website integration cms support ... Multi module available as addons Shipping Inventory mangement Tax management Some of the feature planned : I18n / I10n Multi currency Support for popular payment s

Componentphp - ComPHP aims for new technologies to generate a webpage, fast and yet be powerful and

Note: PeecFW has taken over this project. PeecFW is much more powerful and is a finished product. It's recommended to use PeecFW instead. This project is no longer continued.INTRODUCTION In this section, we will try to explain what, how, why and features. If you care about delivering quality XHTML, Javascript and CSS implementations, COMPHP is the right choise of framework. In short, comphp is based on popular libraries and standards: --> I18n, Smarty templates, Doctrine, 960 CSS grid system, Jq

Waveself-framework - PHP framework

Waveself frameworkFirst beta version can be expected in next 2 months (02/02/2010). If you are interested in what this will be please, go to our waveself google group and add yourself there. Beta version will be released after we test (UnitTest) first two components! IDEAIn order to understand a little bit more we need to say that this project will primarily be built for php developers and world wide designers with different logic than rest of existing frameworks. Our idea isn't : build everythi

Aloi-project - Aloi - PHP5 Web Application Architecture

Aloi is an open source PHP5 Web Application Framework which includes layered architecture to develop well designed advanced web applications. It provides advanced MVC controller patterns and concepts for developers to write powerful fast applications in PHP. Why Aloi? Aloi aims to bring enterprise patterns and cool technology from other environments into PHP's agile environment to make something new. Aloi takes the strong properties of different technologies and amalgamates into something lean,

Php-pike - Zend Framework and Doctrine tools

This source code of this project is moved to Github! See is an open-source library with very cool stuff for Zend Framework projects and some components are intergrated with Doctrine or JQuery. Al PiKe components have an dependancy to Zend Framework at least. PiKe contains: Session SaveHandler with Doctrine 2 Grid a clean way to combine ZF, Doctrine and jqGrid Reflection based resource management for ACL Stream Wrapper to make your views XSS safe MySQL vendor

Fairrisinggen - FAIR's Rising Generation of Young Scholars With Valiant Hearts

This website is dedicated to the Foundation of Apologetic Information and Research's Rising Generation project: a group of youth on a mission: "YFAIR's mission is to bear witness of Jesus Christ and His restored Church while helping strengthen and defend the testimonies in the hearts of youth everywhere. To this end, we will assist other youth in understanding the doctrines and practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We will support them in this capacity with media and info