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Collections Abstraction Library



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Flexdoctrine - Integrating Flex and Doctrine

This project will facilitate AMF messaging between Flex and Doctrine ORM for PHP. Managed data services (akin to Adobe's LiveCycle Data Services ) will allow the developer to update server-side data by simply changing properties on managed models. The project will also allow the developer to retrieve Doctrine_Records and Doctrine_Collections through Doctrine Query Language (similar to Hibernate Query Language) as well as familiar shortcuts like 'MyModel.findAll()'

Componentphp - ComPHP aims for new technologies to generate a webpage, fast and yet be powerful and

Note: PeecFW has taken over this project. PeecFW is much more powerful and is a finished product. It's recommended to use PeecFW instead. This project is no longer continued.INTRODUCTION In this section, we will try to explain what, how, why and features. If you care about delivering quality XHTML, Javascript and CSS implementations, COMPHP is the right choise of framework. In short, comphp is based on popular libraries and standards: --> I18n, Smarty templates, Doctrine, 960 CSS grid system, Jq

Cvphplib - A php library suiting my personal needs

AboutThis library started in the Summer of 2008 and is still in an early stage. This library has two aims. Firstly, it bundles small and simple re-usable functions that I use regularly, such as functions to work on 2-dimensional arrays. Secondly, it features new solutions to more complex but common problems, that other libraries or frameworks did not solve in a way I was looking for. Part of this library may depend on the Zend Framework. This library uses simpletest for unit testing. ComponentsO

Orange-bean - One more step along the rainbow

Even easier ORM layerorange-bean implements a subset of the RedBean ORM API. This subset doesn't include association management and other non-essential features of RedBean. Also, here are some differences in model management and naming conventions. RequirementsPHP 5.3 Supported DatabasesMySQL 5 and SQLite 3 Does it suit me?orange-bean is not a full-blown ORM like Doctrine or Propel. It does not manage associations or identity maps, it does not have a conception of sessions or units of work, it d

Systematic-theo - a study of systematic theology

A study of Systematic TheologyWhat is systematic theology?' Many different definitions have been given, but for the purposes of (our study) the following definition will be used: Systematic theology is any study that answers the question, ' What does the whole Bible teach us today? ' about any given topic. This definition indicates that systematic theology involves collecting and understanding all the relevant passages in the Bible on various topics and then summarizing their teachings clearly s

DoctrinePostgresExtensions - Collection of Doctrine functions specific to Postgres

Collection of Doctrine functions specific to Postgres

Doctrine - Collection of classes for working with Doctrine2 based on Kdyby/Doctrine

Collection of classes for working with Doctrine2 based on Kdyby/Doctrine

doctrine1-patches - A collection of patches for Doctrine 1.2

A collection of patches for Doctrine 1.2


Pollable extension provides Doctrine 1.2 models with polling and data collection capabilities.


This "plugin" allows you to embed and save doctrine (object) forms into a non object form.