Docstring Processing System

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A modular system for extracting and converting Python docstrings into useful structured formats like HTML, XML, and TeX. Project inactive. Development taken over by Docutils,



Related Projects

Python API documentation generation tool

Epydoc is a tool for generating API documentation for Python modules, based on their docstrings. Epydoc supports two output formats (HTML and PDF), and four markup languages for docstrings (Epytext, Javadoc, ReStructuredText, and plaintext).

Sphinx - Python Documentation Generator

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation for Python. It also supports C and C++. The support for other languages is in the plan. Support for multiple output formats are supported.


reStructuredText defines amp; implement a markup syntax for use in Python docstrings and other documentation domains, that is readable amp; simple, yet powerful. Project inactive. Development taken over by Docutils,

Docstringwizard - A gedit plugin that inserts stubs of epydoc conform docstrings into python code

Epydoc Docstring Wizard Gedit PluginThe plugin uses regular expressions to find the method definitions, extract the variable names and detect if there already is a docstring. If there is none, it is generated from the variables and inserted into the text InstallationExtract files to directory ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins Run gedit In gedit main menu go to: Edit -> Preferences In Preferences dialog go to Plugins tab Find 'python docstring wizard' in plugin list and check it UsageOnce installed and act

Gaeclutch - The Google App engine Clutch is a implementation of the Ruby Migration functionality for

The Google appengine clutch allows you to write model migrations scripts to migrate your model from one version to another. Since the Datastore does not allow things like column rename and has no concept of table rename the GAEclutch sits between the model classes and the Datastore. When you select or query the Datastore it pulls the current data and the data from the orphaned columns seamlessly. Here is simple example from clutch.model import Clucth \t\t class RenameFirstName(Clutch): """docstr

Docpicture - Alternative to Python help() enabling viewing of embedded pictures

Because a picture is worth a thousand words docpicture's goal is to enable embedding pictures inside Python docstrings using some custom domain specific language (dsl). docpicture includes a plugin architecture enabling users to extend it by adding new dsl parsers. docpicture's directives use a syntax similar to docutils directives which should make it easier to port features from one to the other.

Oosapy - v2 API library for Python

Library in Python to use the v2 API Documentation for this library still not available, but the docstrings have been properly set :) Find the complete API documentation in

Griddata-python - A python-numpy extension for Interpolating irregularly spaced data in two dimensio

The griddata module provides a single function, griddata, which behaves much the same as the matlab version. Here is the docstring: zi = griddata(x,y,z,xi,yi,**kwargs) fits a surface of the form z = f(x,y) to the data in the (usually) nonuniformly spaced vectors (x,y,z).

Pyscrobbler - AudioScrobbler bindings for Python

Base classes for posting to accounts and querying the public web services provided by Audioscrobbler. Update 7th February 2010This project has now moved to Update 28th August 2009Fixed error in docstring Added Martin Hatfield's patch for UTF-8 encoding on Symbian S60 Update 7th June 2009Altered the license to BSD - would like to be as free as possible Fixed issue with slashes in band names

Testing-doctest - A Unit Test framework for writing tests in your php code docstrings.

ImportantTesting_DocTest is now an offcial PEAR package and has moved to the PEAR packages repository, please report bugs to the PEAR bug tracker. IntroductionTesting_DocTest allows the developer to write unit tests directly in the blocs of your PHP functions, classes and class methods. It comes with a default runner that will parse all your blocs and will run the extracted tests, running tests is as simple as: $ phpdt /path/to/your/codeThere are several advantages in using Testing_DocTest: it m